Pinterest Roundup: Wedding Guest Attire

I've been invited to a wedding this spring and I thought that the Academy Awards would be the perfect place to find inspiration for the perfect dress to wear! These were some of my favorite dresses of the night. I especially love Kerry Washington's dress - the colors, the details, the tail! It's absolutely fantastic. The other dresses in this roundup are the close seconds. I was extremely excited to see the fashion choices of the night, and of course these ladies look impeccable. Also, I know this isn't an Oscar accessory but I am loving these mint shoes at the end - such a beautiful color for spring and would go with a coral dress, a similar color to Kerry Washington's dress perhaps? Haha I'm quite obsessed with her dress!

Also, I was so happy with the winners of the night! A lot of times I feel like these awards shows are just popularity contests but this year I feel like all of the winners truly deserved to be up there on the stage - the performances, and every aspects of all the films nominated were executed beautifully and I was happy for all of the winners in every category.

How did you guys feel about the Oscars?

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