Random Story of Human Compassion and Bad Luck

So today, as usual, I went to the bus stop to get to work.
Only I realized I forgot my metro card when the bus was in view.
Since there were other people standing at the bus stop, I said, using my sad puppy dog face,
Me: Excuse me, but I forgot my metro card. Would anyone please help me out? I really have to get to work…
And to my very surprise, EVERYONE standing at that bus turned and said “ok.”
And while I was very touched by how kind everyone was being to me, we all became oblivious to the fact that the bus had stopped in front of us and the bus driver was waiting for everyone to get their things together…and then left when he thought no one was getting on.
We all chased after the bus but we were too late – the bus had already gone too far down the street. The other passengers turned and looked at me with an expression of annoyance, disbelief, and frustration, to which I said, “uhh, I’m sure there will be another bus coming soon…”
And we all stood at the bus stop, all 5 of us, for 20 minutes (I timed it), just waiting for the bus, until someone looked up the schedule on their iPhone and found out the next bus wasn’t to come for at least another 20 minutes. I got that look from the other passengers again.
Me: Umm, I guess I have time to go home and get my metro card.
Other passengers: (silence and angry glares) 
Me: uhh I’ll go get it then. Sorry guys.
And of course when I get home, I found that my metro card was in my pocket the entire time. (facepalm)
Moral of the story – If you help people, you will miss the bus. True story.

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