Book Club: Little Women

We're revisiting an old classic today: Little Women
I remember when I first read this book, I was about 10 years old and, as most of the characters were older than me, I had a hard time understanding what was really going on in all the Marches' heads. Rereading this book, however gave me a renewed appreciation for feminism in the 1800s. Looks, status, and wealth is just as important now, than it ever was, but being graceful, kind, and strong is also important, which is what I think Louisa May Alcott was trying to tell her readers.
I always believed I could relate to Jo the most, but now, I think I can see a little bit of Amy in me. I'm not as smooth as Amy, but I think I do have her ambition to be a part of high society someday, although I think I'm still more like Jo in that I would rather get there my way.
I liked the idea of Laurie and Jo together. I think perhaps the reason why I wasn't too happy with Jo and Professor Bhaer was because we never really got in depth with his character as we did with Laurie. The girls grew up with Laurie, and as a reader, so did we. Maybe it's because most of my relationships began as friendships so I thought that it would work, but I guess the writer had other plans for our young heroine.
Anyways, what books do you guys I check out next? Let me know in the comments below!

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