Closet Strategy: Trench Coat

It's snowing in DC but according to the weather reports, Spring is just around the corner!
With the weather expected to get warmer, we all need something lighter than our thick coats that we've been wearing all winter long. The solution: trench coats! I had a post on trench coats last week and they've clearly been on my mind. They're versatile, comfy, warm, and oh-so-classic! 

H&M Trench Coat
Here are a few ways I would style this jacket:

Outfit 1: Casual Stripes

Stripes, like the trench coat, are classic. To keep the look from being boring, try an unexpected color, like burnt orange, perhaps? I love this top because not only do I have stripes but a beaded bow on the shoulder as well! (Hint, I love bows). This is kind of a casual, vintage look so I would pair the top with a pair of boyfriend jeans and heeled oxfords to keep the outfit from looking sloppy. I would wear this outfit on a casual shopping day or out running errands.

Top: Forever 21
Bottoms: American Eagle Boyfriend jeans
Accessories: Mulberry bag, Stradivarius Belt
Shoes: Vintage oxfords

Outfit 2: Little Red Dress

I think you guys know by now that I love my little red dresses! I picked up this cute little number as soon as I saw that the little white specks are asterisks! Like I always say, its all about the details. I added warm-toned accessories and my heeled oxfords again and I am ready for brunch or shopping!

Dress: Target
Accessories: Forever 21 cuff bracelet, gifted rings
Shoes: Vintage oxfords

Outfit 3: Business-Savvy

This look is perhaps the most classic of all. After all, the structure of a trench coat is very work-appropriate. So it makes sense to pair it with other structured pieces. BUT just because it's structured, doesn't mean it has to be boring. Remember this dress? I'm wearing it again but as a top! Wearing a lack pencil skirt over the dress keeps the look chic yet work-appropriate. I added my vintage Chanel tote to keep the formality and the structured look in place and I'm ready to strut my stuff at the office.

Top: dress (worn as a top)
Bottoms: Forever 21 pencil skirt
AccessoriesVintage Chanel tote
Shoes: pumps

Would you wear any of these looks? 

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