Easter Ready | Floral Dress and White Blazer

It's finally Friday, guys! Hooray!

This sunday is easter! And since spring is in full swing, I thought of going all out with the florals with this pretty floral dress! It's funny because I used to hate floral prints because it was so girly and I used to be such a tomboy. But now, I realized that being a tomboy doesn't mean losing my femininity. Haha I know, duh! But remember, I was 12 years old. This dress paired with this white blazer the look is fresh and perfect for the spring!

Are you guys obsessed with florals as much as I am?

Dress: Shana floral dress
Blazer: Forever 21 white blazer
Accessories: Swatch watch, vintage pearl earrings
Shoes: Steve Madden Getta pumps

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