Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you've been enjoying your weekend!

I went to the zoo this weekend! The last time I went to the zoo was my senior year of college! I went with one of my best friends from high school to the Smithsonian National Zoo in DC and saw the pandas, the lions, and the tigers! Haha I definitely felt like a little kid again.

I would like to add a warning right here that I love pandas.

I'm waaaay too excited for this

This is actually an improvement on my face :P

I warned you didn't I? Haha I can't help it - they're so big and cute! I feel quite fortunate to live near a zoo that has pandas! 

We also encountered many other animals along the way, including this friendly cheetah:

...And some turtles:

...And some other mammals:

...And some sea animals:

The zoo also had a botanical garden for butterflies. We stopped to get some pictures of the beautiful flowers:

Our last stop at the zoo included a second trip to the gift shop:

My friend and I were joking about how fashionable some of the animals were - Zebras and tigers rocking stripes before they were even popular! haha just the idea of hipster animals made us laugh.

Finally, we went out for coffee afterwards. While it was the nicest weather we had in a while, it was still a bit too cold out for my taste (52 degrees fahrenheit). And besides, what afternoon isn't complete without a nice cup of coffee? 

By the way, the stunning pictures were taken by my good friend Jen. She's an amazing artist and a brilliant photographer with the mind of a genius researcher. You can check out her blog here

Top: Forever 21 knit sweater, H&M trench coat
Bottom: Forever 21 jeans
Accessories: Bershka bag
Shoes: Zara bow flats


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