Seeing Spots | Skater Skirt and Cap Toe Pumps

Happy Monday everyone!

As I'm sure you guys noticed from my closet strategy post last week, I recently obtained a Chanel bag! 

This gem used to belong to my mother. My mom's originally from South Korea but my grandfather, on a trip to France, got this bag for her as a wedding present. It was the most expensive thing that she had ever owned and she treasured this bag. When she gave this bag to me, I felt like I was receiving a piece of my mom's history. And besides, who doesn't love vintage Chanel? :]

What's the most memorable gift you've ever received?

Top: Forever 21 pink polka-dot ribbon top
Bottoms: Charlotte Russe skater skirt
Accessories: Vintage Chanel tote, Icing wayfarers, vintage pearl earrings
Shoes: Michael Antonio cap-toe pumps

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