Shopping Spree: Spring 2013 Trends

Spring 2013 Trends

Dorothy Perkins black and white dress ($69) / Mango slim pants ($40) / Tech accessory ($15) / Style & Co. style co Macy's bermuda shorts ($33) / Stella McCartney floral print shorts ($635) /Stella McCartney floral blazer ($1,521) / Sparkle and Fade mid calf skirt ($42) / Prabal Gurung red ruffle dress ($40)

I am so so so excited that the weather here in DC is getting warmer. It's about time! I was getting sick or the cold!
I'm also excited for all the spring fashion trends that will soon hit the streets! I'm pretty interested in the black and white trend - mostly because those are the color I gravitate towards in the morning when I'm getting dressed. But to add color, I'm pretty excited about the emerald trend.
Rumour has it that bermuda shorts will be popular once again! They were spotted all over the runways. Shorts suits will also make a comeback. While I like the idea of formal shorts, I'm not so sure it will work out in most conservative offices. But I won't write them off completely. Finally, we have slit skirts (popularized by Angelina Jolie, of course), and ruffles.

What trends are you excited about?

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