Spray Fabric | Tulip Skirt and Cut Out Booties

Hello my lovelies!

Anyone who's read my blog knows I'm a fan of basics with a twist. So it should come as no surprise that when I saw this top at H&M I was entranced. The color is neutral but if you look closely there are small splashes of color. At first I thought they were paint splatters but then I realized that they're actually pieces of bright fabric! It's all about the subtle details. When I showed my roommate this top, she said "They look like a kindergartener's project."

I paired this top with a tulip skirt and my peep toe booties. My little cousin saw these shoes and told me, "They look like armor!" So here I am with my kindergarten top and armor shoes enjoying a nice day and just loving life. 

Top: H&M top
Bottoms: H&M tulip skirt
Accessories: Swatch watch, vintage pearl bracelet, silver bracelet from boutique in France, Forever 21 black clutch, Icing wayfarers. 
Shoes: Adi peep toe booties

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