Shopping Spree: Spring Break

Spring Break

Forever 21 retro inspired swimwear ($13) / J.Crew shorts ($45) / Kate Spade t-bar shoes ($198) / Coach handbag  ($298)/ Linda Farrow Luxe ($573) / Neutrogena beauty product ($10)

I remember the good old days where I had to study hard for midterms so that I can thoroughly enjoy the wondrous thing that his spring break. I remember those good old days being last year. Now that I'm out in the real world where I don't get a spring break, I find myself yearning to be out on vacation. I love my job and I love coming into work but of course dreaming of a break in a nice tropical island just happens.

Are any of you guys still in school, dreaming of leaving the classroom to go somewhere warmer? Or are you guys thinking of that anyway, like me?

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