Updated Tee and Jeans | Polka Dot Jeans and T-Strap Flats

Happy Friday everyone!

I've been wanting a pair of polka-dot pants forever! While I love printed denim, I feel like it's harder for me to pull off with my short frame. However, polka-dots are a timeless print and are easy to pair with other items in my closet (remember this post?).

I gasped when I saw these jeans at the store - they're super comfortable and very affordable. Perfect for the fashionably adventurous, yet budget-conscious.

Would you buy printed pants?

Top: Forever 21 White V-neck tee, Coral H&M Cardigan
Bottoms: Forever 21 polka dot skinny jeans
Accessories: Dooney and Bourke bag, Swatch Watch, Vintage aviator sunnies
Shoes: Forever 21 pink bow flats

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  1. Cute look.... I love your jeans.... great stuff :)


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