Wish, Want, Gotta Have: Trench Coat

WWGH: Trench

Burberry coat, ($11,000)/ Rag and Bone leather sleeve trench, ($1,200)/ Moschino bow trench, ($143)

I think most of you guys know by now that I'm all about investing in the basics. With basics, you can create anything! And what's more basic than a classic trench coat? If I had all the money in the world, I would buy all three (ESPECIALLY the Burberry one. Can you say love?) However I also am really loving Moschino one as well. $143 can be a bit pricey but at least you know that this coat will be in style for a long time. And I think it's a much more reasonable price than the Burberry or the Rag and Bone ones (even though they're equally as gorgeous).

How much would you invest into a basic?


  1. Looking for a trench, is not so easy to find the perfect one!

    1. So true. But when you do find the perfect one, it's like magic!

  2. The second coat is my favorite one! If I'd have to invest in a piece like that, I think I'd go for something more classic. The first one has a too unique print, which could make it difficult to match with other pieces.

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