Inspired by: Las Meninas

las meninas

Little Mistress dress ($45) / Yves Saint Laurent shoes ($560) / Delfina Delettrez pendant ($790) / bhs headband ($13)

When I studied abroad in Madrid during university, I took a course in art history that went hand in hand with visits to the world famous Prado Museum. One of my favorite Spanish painters that I learned of was Diego Velázquez and his painting, "Las Meninas."I remember the first time I learned about this painting, it was on an overhead screen and we had been talking about Baroque art. When I finally saw the real painting at the Prado, I was stunned to say the least. The painting is breathtaking and magnificently beautiful and it has been my favorite painting in the world ever since. 
I love that the dress in the painting worn by the infanta is peplum! While I couldn't find adress that puts together peplum and a flare skirt, I found this gorgeous cream dress that features a glitter baroque pattern as a nod to the art style. I also thought that pairing this dress with mirror necklace is a great detail that signifies the theme of reflection.

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