Organizing my Life

Sometimes I think I’m quite anal. My friends always tell me that I am ridiculously crazy about being a perfectionist and organizing every aspect of my life. I don’t think it’s crazy – I just really like being on top of things and I hate being unprepared. There are many advantages to having a well coordinated life.
Here are some ways I stay organized:
  • Planner – My Moleskine planner is my life and I color code EVERYTHING. Anything written in a colored pen corresponds to either a blog post or work. Anything written in black ink represents my personal life goings-ons.
  • iCalendar – Color codes are the same as from my planner
  • Google Calendar – basically, this is the mobile version my iCalendar. I upload my schedule so I can access it from anywhere, just in case I don’t have my Macbook on me
  • To-Do lists – I write them every night and I try to follow it throughout the day
  • Receipt Book – I have a notebook for my finances with 3 tabs: Daily receipts, Checking account and Saving Account. I fill it out every night. 
  • Evernote – I only recently discovered this, but Evernote is the HOLY GRAIL of organizing! I have at least 5 notebooks in Evernote fore EVERYTHING. I don’t know how I ever lived without it.
  •  Journal – this is used to tie everything together. I jot down notes from my daily life or draw doodles. It basically organizes my daily thoughts and ramblings.

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