Pinterest Roundup: Spring Garden Party

I've been wanting to throw a garden party for a while now. The weather, however isn't letting me. It's been quite crazy over here - last week, we had temperatures in the 90s, but this weekend it's been in the 50s-60s. Where did Spring go??

Still, once the weather permits I really want to invite all my friends to brunch in the garden

I'd love to have fresh cocktails, flowers and fruits laid out while we eat and talk. Doesn't that just sound fun? I don't know why but the older I get, the more I yearn for simple pleasures. Nothing extravagant, just good friends and dainty finger foods.

Also, that dress in the top left corner is to die for. Perfect for a garden party or a barbecue. And the patties on the bottom right - they're spinach burger patties! Not a big veggie burger person but there's just something about the picture that makes me want to take a bite out of a nice grilled spinach burger.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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