Strolling Through the Garden

Hello beautifuls!

I was reunited by my favorite photographer at the Botanical Gardens in DC this past weekend! It was a bit chilly outside but it was warm inside the greenhouse - a great day to pull out my favorite trench coat.

I love flowers because they give me artistic inspiration - the way the colors work together so harmoniously stimulates the creativity in me!

 In addition to the flowers, I also loved looking at the sculptures and features like this fountain and the sundial. I just want to say that I'm holding up two fingers because the sundial read "2:00," not because I'm Asian :P

It was a nice outing - perfect for a nice breezy spring day.

Please be sure to check out Jen's blog - she is amazing! 

Thanks for reading!

Top: GAP shirt
Jacket: H&M trench
Accessories: Forever 21 cat-eye sunnies, Forever 21 coral crossbody bag
Shoes: Forever 21 leopard flats

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