Book Club: Breakfast at Tiffany's

I've mentioned Audrey Hepburn as my style icon multiple times on this blog and I've made references and dedicated a whole post on Breakfast at Tiffany's, my all-time favorite movie. This month, I found myself reading the novella that was the inspiration to the movie. Written my Truman Capote, the Holly Golightly in the book was given more dimension, as I'm sure any book lover will tell you. She's a free spirit escaping her troubled past (Audrey nailed that), but what I found quite surprising was the narrator (who was portrayed by George Peppard in the movie) was unnamed (not Paul Varjack) and also gay - so no romantic ending in the book (just Hollywood). Instead, the two characters had something of a quite intense friendship that was born from Holly's free spirit and the narrator's ability to see the sadness behind her happiness. The story is quite beautiful and I was incredibly drawn to how beautifully the piece was written. Any and every Audrey Hepburn fan should definitely read this book.


  1. Love that movie! xx

    1. The movie is my favorite! I also recommend the book too!


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