Closet Strategy: Striped Shirt

There's something so casually chic and classic about a striped shirt. While most people tend to favor a black and white breton-striped shirt, I always steer towards blue and white. Not sure why, but I like how a pop of color is neutralized by the white. It does make a top harder to style but not impossible. Use the classic look of the stripes to your advantage and the possibilities are endless. Allow me to demonstrate:

H&M Divided striped shirt
Outfit 1: Business Casual

A striped top and a classic blazer in a different hue of the same color is always chic. While the striped top is pretty casual, a blazer instantly formalizes and tailors the looseness of the top. Add a pair of bootcut jeans and pumps with some neutral accessories and it's  off to the office with you for casual Friday.

Top: Forever 21 navy blazer
Bottoms: dELiA's jeans
Accessories: Mulberry bag, Stradivarius belt, vintage aviators
Shoes: Vintage oxford heels

Outfit 2: Be Cool

I like the color white during warm-weather days because white brightens up any color in an outfit. The blue seems to pop against the white shorts while the neutral belt and the sunnies are add to the outfit without taking away from the top which is the centerpiece of the look. Pair this outfit with a coral bag for an extra pop of color and you're good to go. I would wear this outfit to a farmer's market.

Bottoms: Forever 21 shorts
Accessories: Stradivarius belt, Vintage aviators, Forever 21 bag
Shoes: Payless sandals

Outfit 3: All Maxi'd Out

I like how the blue looks against coral. The color-blocking is subtle but unique. The key to pulling off an outfit like this? Confidence, of course! I would wear this outfit to a barbecue on the beach. 

Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Dooney and Bourke bag, Icing sunnies, vintage pearl studs
Shoes: Payless platform sandals

Would you wear any of these outfits? Let me know what you think!


  1. 3 great looks on you.


    1. Thank you! And may I say that I am fascinated by your blog as well! :]

  2. I loved all the three outfits! So fantastic...and stripes are so in now!


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