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ModCloth floral dress ($85) / Sole Society heels ($50) / Bourjois lipstick ($12) / CoverGirl mascara ($8) / Dior blush and bronzer palette ($56) / Givenchy earrings ($26) / iPhone 5 ($694)

Some of my friends have graduated this year and my younger brother is set to graduate high school next week. It got me thinking about my graduation(s) and what I did to prepare for them. I wanted to create a post dedicated to some of the things I think are necessary for the commencement ceremony (especially if you are graduating!)

  • Dress: (Or any outfit for that matter), make sure you go with an outfit that is not only commencement ceremony appropriate, but dinner appropriate as well. I know both times I graduated my family took me out to dinner after the ceremony and it pays to be ready for both occasions without missing a beat.
  • Shoes: MAKE SURE YOU WEAR COMFORTABLE SHOES! I remember being soooo afraid that I would trip and fall while walking across the stage. For college, I took the shoes I would be wearing to a cobbler and asked him to put in rubber soles and heels so I wouldn't slip. I also practiced walking in the shoes.
  • Makeup: Be sure to keep the makeup light and fresh. No dramatic eye makeup, and don't go crazy with the foundation either. Just make sure you are fresh faced and awake-looking. A little bit of blush goes a long way.
  • Accessories: Again, don't go crazy with the jewelry either. This isn't the time to be making a statement with your necklace or bracelets or what not. I don't recommend wearing too many bangles as the sound of the clatter would be a bit distracting. I wore simple pearl studs but any kind of muted accessory would work
  • Tech: In high school we weren't supposed to bring our electronics but in college, everyone was live-tweeting and taking pictures behind the scenes. If your school allows it, bring your smartphone and update your thoughts/feelings and take as many pictures as you can! Trust me, these are moments that you want to be capturing so that you'll look back and smile.
Will you guys be graduating/attending a commencement ceremony? Let me know where in the comments down below!

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