Inspired by: The Ladies of Arrested Development

One of my favorite TV shows in the world is Arrested Development.
It had a nice run on Fox for three years in 2003-2006. Created by Mitch Hurwitz and narrated by Ron Howard, it was a sitcom unlike any sitcom before or since. It garnered a cult following after it was taken off the air and it will be back on Netflix May 26 for a fourth season. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty excited about that.
In preparation for the return of Arrested Development, I decided to put together a few outfits inspired by the ladies of AD.

Lindsay Bluth-Fünke

Lindsay, along with her mother Lucille, is definitely the resident fashionista of the Bluth family. Her style is sexy with a hint of edge and glamour. Capture her look with a red form-fitting dress that shows off your curves with gold and black accents. The pumps with studs will add the right amount of edge while the gold watch and bracelet will bring in the glamour. A fur (or faux fur I prefer) wrap is a call back to her date with Frank Wrench. Finish off with a red lipstick and you're good to go!

Maeby Fünke
Maeby is the family rebel. While she isn't as book smart as her cousin George Michael, she's street smart and quite clever. She cons her way into a cushy job in Hollywood as a film executive and so her style reflects a business casual kind of glam.
Since she is still in high school, her style is a bit more casual. However, she knows that  jeans and a t-shirt won't cut it at her studio executive job. She wears blouses with chinos with sexy heels to make her look more formal. Add an elephant brooch to refer to her "punishment" spending time with her Gangy. Finally, to get her signature curls, use a 1" curling iron and you're ready to take over Hollywood!

Bonus: Rita Leeds
Rita, played by the beautiful Charlize Theron, is the gorgeous British woman that the main character, Michael, falls for. She's sweet, she's pretty, and she's also... well, special. If you want to know what I mean, you'll have to go and watch the show :P
Rita spends her time at a private school with children so she has a very whimsical, and comically silly fashion sense. In one episode, she encourages Lindsay to wear all her clothes inside out so the tag will show (Lindsay, taking this as a sign of brilliance - "That's what we're paying for!"). On multiple occasions Rita wore ballet skirts, which can be captured by this pretty tulle skirt. She wore pretty blouses and shoes that never quite matched the rest of her outfit. I picked a neutral colored pair of converses for that element of Rita's outfit. She also wore a lot of interesting hats and an animal backpack (She liked duck backpacks, but I thought this cute puppy one matched to colors of this outfit better :D) Finally top it all off with some full beaded necklaces.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Loved all the outfits!
    Great work!


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