Letter to my 16-Year-Old Self

Dear Deborah of the past,

I know you think you’re ugly and I know you think you’re fat but trust me…you are only half of those things. Which one, you ask? Well look at the picture and decide for yourself:

Joking aside, I have some important things to say to you so listen up because I’m only saying this once. Knowing your age and your teenage angst, I’m guessing you’re not going to want to listen. But that’s one of the most important things you can do in your life – listen to others (especially your parents!) Trust me, you don’t know everything and your ability to listen and not talk over others will help you in your career path.

So without further ado, here are some things I want you to remember for the upcoming years:
  1. Don’t worry about your weight or your looks – you will get skinny your freshman year of college and your face will get somewhat more aesthetically pleasing. Keep doing what you’re doing by focusing on school and don’t sweat the small stuff. Like the latest fashions and whatnot. Its not going to be your thing until years later.
  2. You know how you never had friends because you always moved and by the time you finally settled down you were awkward? That actually comes in handy in the future. You will meet many a handsome European man and they will be impressed by your worldliness and your soccer knowledge.
  3. Don’t worry about that guy in English who doesn’t like you back. He gets into all kinds of drugs, loses his hair and quite frankly gets kind of ugly. I know he is the king of the Homecoming Court and a star basketball player now but trust me – you will look back and say “the mighty has fallen… and I can do better.”
  4. You will find that the people you think will always have your back will end up being selfish and awful. You will be tempted to lose hope in people but DON’T! Realize that they are human  too and therefore are flawed. Don’t hold people higher than they are and especially don’t lower your standards. Always have faith in humanity and remember that where there are people, there will be hate and kindness. Never just one.
  5. Always keep in mind to never march above anyone, nor below anyone, but by their side. Be humble but take pride in who you are and the forces that have shaped you.

Yourself of the Future

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