White Out | Monochrome with Rose Accents

Hello everyone!

Today is Memorial Day. While in the fashion world it means that we can officially wear white again (such an outdated rule :/ ) but it's also important to remember the fallen men and women in uniform who fought for our country. I have family members in the military and I'm reminded by them that our soldiers overseas can be gone at any moment. They willingly put their lives in danger for us all. So today please take a moment to remember these brave men and women. Oh and be sure to take advantage of being able to wear white ;)

By the way - who else stayed up all night watching season 4 of Arrested Development? I'm super tired and exhausted and I don't know how I'm going to make it through work today but I feel like it was worth it!

Top: Shana tee, Forever 21 blazer
Bottoms: Forever 21 shorts
Accessories: Rose necklace from boutique in Spain, Forever 21 ivory rose earrings, Lefties rose belt, Bershka bag
Shoes: Forever 21 flats

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