Closet Strategy: White Denim Shorts

I don't know about you guys but outside of the office I basically live in my denim shorts during the summer. Recently, I bought myself a pair of white shorts. I think I was reluctant to buy them before because white is a surprisingly difficult color to pull off, but I think they look fresh and polished in the summer. Here are some ways I like to wear my white denim shorts:

Forever 21 shorts

Outfit 1: White Shorts + Peplum

I think people associate peplum with formal settings but peplum can  definitely dressed down. I personally love this outfit because while the color scheme is neutral, the combination of black and white is trendy and chic. The pops of color, in the form of accessories, adds interest to the outfit without being overbearing. This is an outfit I would wear to a Sunday brunch. 

Top: F21 black peplum top
Accessories: F21 Statement pink necklace F21 pink belt, H&M black clutch
Shoes: Payless black heels

Outfit 2: White Shorts + Chambray

I'm beginning to learn that you can never go wrong with chambray! While denim-on-denim can be a fashion faux-pas, the key to pulling it off is making sure you wear two different colors of denim. Blue and white is fresh and classic and perfect for the warmer weather! This is the perfect outfit for a museum outing or sight-seeing. 

Top: Forever 21 chambray blouse
Accessories: Rose necklace from boutique in Spain, Bershka bag
Shoes: Forever 21 flats

Outfit 3: White Shorts + Coral

First off: I love coral. I feel like I can't emphasize that enough. Secondly: I love polka-dots. Also can't be emphasized enough. So this outfit is definitely one of my favorites! I would probably wear this outfit to a casual birthday outing.

Top: F21 Sheer polka dot top, H&M coral cardigan
Accessories: Stradivarius belt from Spain, Mulberry bag
Shoes: Madden Girl Getta Pumps

Do you have a pair of go-to white shorts? What do you wear them with? Let me know! Also, sorry for the poor lighting in this post. It's been pouring rain the last few days and I had to opt for an indoor shoot. Will resume usual outdoor shoots with natural lighting after this :]

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  1. Thank you beauty for cute pics.. I have a poor dressing sense. Recently i got one White colored khaki shorts online. This blogs has suggested me some ideas how to style my shorts. Once again thanks for your blog.


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