Movie Night: Arrested Development Season 4

I told you guys this before but I love Arrested Development and I watched the entire fourth season the night it came out. I live on the east coast so I knew it would be available for streaming at 3 AM my time. I went to bed early and set the alarm for 2:45 AM, giving myself time to be awake and fully enjoy the gloriousness of the return of AD. And was it worth it?

 Yes and no.

The first three seasons of AD were so glorious and witty but the reason I came to adore the Bluth family is because of their characters. Michael was the guy who would do anything for his son and George Michael was the moral compass. Maeby always landed on her feet. Lucille is my spirit animal. They were all fantastic and yet they were not the same Bluths that I saw in the fourth season. I understand that people change in seven years but it was hard for me to take all of the change at once. Michael became so selfish and oblivious. George Michael's once delightful awkwardness is now just painful to watch. Gob's arrogance and perfect comedic timing is no longer the same. What happened?

To be fair, the story was extremely interesting and well thought out. The millions of questions that I had in the first episode were mostly answered by the end. This was obviously a complex storyline that must have taken a while to come up with and I think that was what made me stay with them until the end. Things really picked up by episode 5 (which if you haven't seen it or are thinking of giving up, please at least stay until ep. 5) and it was quite good until the end where it ended almost abruptly.

I honestly think the new episodes are well written and the story is strong, but it came at the expense of the characterization of the Bluths that we came to know and love. I hope there will be a fifth season to at least bring back the old Bluths. If not, well, I prefer to not remember the Bluths this way.

Finally, props to Isla Fisher who brought out a new dimension to some of the characters that she interacted with! I thought she was a wonderful addition to the cast.

I recommend this season to all AD fans so that you can at least say you saw it.


  1. Just came across your blog and I adore it! I love how you have a mix of things to post about, like fashion in addition to AD! That is a show I definitely have heard great things about and hope to catch up soon :) I've started following you, maybe you can take a peak at my blog and follow me as well :) Looking forward to posts!

    Ginger @ Chic by night

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I love love love AD and I definitely recommend the show.

      Thanks for the follow and I'm adding you to my list of blogs I read on bloglovin' as well :]


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