Summer Days Drifting Away | Backless Dress and Snakeskin Bag

Happy Monday guys!

I randomly decided to start picking up French last week. Well it wasn't quite random - I've been wanting to learn French for a long time just never had the opportunity. In middle school and high school I took Spanish because I thought that I could communicate with more people this way but I always thought that French is an equally beautiful language. I got pretty far with Spanish though - I did study abroad in Madrid, Spain and I was told my Spanish is quite good, but I just realllly want to pick up French. Luckily for me, there is a French cultural center in DC called Alliance Francaise and I think I may drop by to take a few classes or so. That should occupy my mind all summer haha!

What languages do you speak?

Dress: Forever 21 dress
Accessories: Forever 21 belt (came with dress), vintage aviators, H&M ring, Nine West cross body bag
Shoes: Payless sandals

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