To Skort or Not to Skort? | Aqua Tank and Skorts

So I caved to the peer pressure of the other fashion bloggers and got my hands a pair of these delightful Zara skorts. And just so you guys know, they were a gift from my mommy so I didn't break my no shopping pledge :P

I remember when skorts were popular in the 90s when I was a kid. I thought they were the greatest invention ever because I was a tomboy and I could move around freely without worrying about the things I usually worry about when wearing a skirt. My mother liked skorts because she wanted to raise a more girly daughter and at least skorts looked like skirts in the front. It was a compromise.

Looking back now, the skorts we wore back then were not nearly as cute as these Zara ones. I just really love the detailing and the newness of these upgraded skorts. They really take me back to my childhood days running around in the yard playing tag while my mom was attempting to get me to act like a calm little lady. 

What do you think of these skorts? Love 'em or hate 'em?

Top: Forever 21 tank top
Bottoms: Zara skorts
Accessories: Forever 21 clutch, Forever sunnies, 
Shoes: Chinese Laundry sandals

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