10 Essential Closet Pieces

I'm starting a small series this week called "Essentials" where I list a few items that I think are essential for every woman. Today we will be starting with clothing that I think are very important. I've seen this list done many times in other fashion blogs and I think they're very personal and it depends on a person's lifestyle and occupation. For example, if you work in construction, your essential closet pieces may look very different from mine. But as a twenty-something woman who works in politics in DC, here are the things that I can never live without:

Little Black Dress: I honestly think that the perfect Little Black Dress is absolutely essential regardless of occupation, lifestyle, etc. I know it's so cliche but it's obviously on everyone's list for a reason, right? When looking for an LBD, you should consider the cut and silhouette. I personally like A-line silhouettes so I usually opt for that, but this sheath dress has been a life saver - it's perfect for all occasions.

Plain White Tee: So I'll admit it - I actually cheated on my no shopping pledge last month when my favorite plain white tee was ruined in a tragic wine-spilling accident. I absolutely could not go on without one in my closet so I headed to Forever 21 to replace the one I had just lost. That's when I realized the power of my PWTs because they're like a blank canvass. I usually like v-necks because it makes my neck look longer, but I also like the idea of a crew neck shirt as well.

2 Neutral pumps: You've seen these shoes in about every other style post on this blog. Well, here they are in all it's glory: My Steve Madden Getta pumps! Nude shoes make your legs look miles long (which I always need because I'm only 5'3). Plus, they go with everything! And what closet would be complete without a pair of classic black heels? These are from Zara and I absolutely adore them. I recommend investing in a pair with a classic toe and shape.

3 Well-fitting jeans: I swear by my Express jeans - they're well fitting, comfortable, and extremely flattering. Jeans can be hard to shop for but seriously, when you find the perfect pair it will be like magic every time you put them on! I like skinny jeans or straight leg jeans but bootcut is also a good investment. Also consider the color - I think the classic blue is good any day but black and beige/white are good to have as well

1-2 Chic Blouse: For the office girl, nothing is more important than having a crisp white blouse to wear to work. I like how looser blouses look because it seems less stuffy and formal. Find a nice blouse in a neutral color or print (if your office is a little more casual). 

Structured Blazer: With a loose blouse, a blazer with structure is it's perfect match. Make sure your blazer is well tailored because there's nothing worse than a structured blazer that's either too big or too small. I really like this black one I got at H&M on sale two years ago because it's fitted and hits me at a flattering length.

Pencil Skirt: A great pencil skirt should not be too short nor too long. It should hit right above the knee or at the knee. It also should not be too tight - it should just skim your curves. This particular skirt was a steal at around $15 at Forever 21 and I wear it all the time because the fabric is comfortable and the length is perfect. 

Trench Coat: I know the weather is hot and humid and crazy, but in the fall and winter (and even spring), nothing looks more chic than a classic trench coat. Consider the length and color when buying a trench -not all beige colors are the same and some lengths are more flattering than others. I like the idea of a navy trench coat and may get one in the near future. For now I'll stick with my H&M trench I got last year. 

Chambray Shirt: I'm sure you all are exhausted at my constant over-usage of my chambray shirts. I can't help it though! They're so comfortable and go with literally everything! Like with all the other essentials, think about the wash - I like a medium wash chambray but lighter wash is great for summer and a darker wash is great for winter. 

Neutral Cardigans: Finally we have our cardigan. I have a billion cardigans in so many colors! I tend to get cold easily so cardigans are necessary for me year round (air conditioned offices in the summer are bad news for me). I think the length of a cardigan gives different vibes. Long cardigans gives off a relaxed feel while shorter cardigans are more professional.

Do you think I missed anything? What are some things in your closet that you find absolutely necessary?


  1. Great post! I agree with you on all these items. I still don't own a trenchcoat, but really want one. It's so chic and classic!


    1. I would definitely recommend investing in a quality trench coat! They're my fall and early winter go-to article of clothing!

  2. great post!
    agree with every single one of your essentials

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :]


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