End of My 90-Days of No Shopping Challenge

So my 90 days of no shopping has finally come to an end and can I say, FINALLY!?

This was so difficult for me in the beginning because of my poor timing. I started this challenge right before many spring/summer collections came out so I had to just drool over the gorgeous new clothes in shop windows. Torture much?

Fortunately, this challenge forced me to get creative or rely on gifts. I ended up making a skirt from an old piece of fabric or reinvent old clothing. I also managed to snag a few great pieces from a clothing swap a friend organized! 

I think I learned a lot from this challenge. Not just in terms of creativity, mind you, but also about self-control and discipline. I used to just go out and buy new things whenever I felt like I "needed" something. The past three months taught me that I can get by with a lot less than I thought. The only time I cheated on this challenge was when I made a quick run to Forever 21 to buy a plain white v-neck shirt (only $5.80 but still) after I spilled wine on my old one and I found the stain wouldn't come off. I have a few other PWTs but that particular one was the perfect balance of loose and fitted so I was a bit heartbroken. That taught me that even though I don't need all the latest trends, I really can't live without the basics therefore that's probably where I should be investing my money on. 

Anyways now I challenge all of you to try not shopping for three months. It will be hard but it will be rewarding and your wallet will thank you :]

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