New Camera

Exciting news! I finally got myself a new camera!

It's a Samsung NX1100! I was in the market for a new camera - I've been using a Canon IXUS point and shoot for this blog and while it's been god to me, I've had it since I graduated high school (which was five years ago) and it's definitely seen some better days. I thought it was time for an upgrade. 

I was originally going to go for the Nikon 1 J1 but when I did some research I found that the image quality wasn't as good as I thought it could be. I am a bit reluctant to get a DSLR because I don't know enough about photography to use one effectively and would probably only use it on the AUTO function. 

With more research, I found this little beauty - it's an interchangeable lens camera that takes pictures comparable to entry-level DSLRs. Shutter speed is quite fast and so small and light - I can take it with me anywhere! 

What's best about this camera though is that it has a WiFi function which lets me upload pictures directly from my camera to Facebook and such. Isn't that great for a blogger? 

I'm SOO excited to use this for future blog posts! Stay tuned guys! :]


  1. Nothing more fun for a blogger than a new camera!

  2. wow, i love how the camera is white! looks so fashionable ;) can't wait to see what photos it takes.

    Ginger @ Chic by Night


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