10 Essential Accessories

Today I am continuing my "essentials" series and creating a new list for accessories. I think accessories can make or break an outfit - you can jazz up a t-shirt-and-jeans combo with snazzy earrings or give a dress an extra bit of oomph with a cute belt. So without further ado, here are my list of accessories that I just can't live without:

1-2 Silk Scarves: I think have a nice silk scarf or two is always a good idea! You can give an outfit a punch of color, or tie it to a bag to elevate it. I use my Hermes scarf to add a splash of color to a neutral outfit and I use my Coach scarf to neutralize a loud outfit. See how much a simple scarf can do for you? 

Chic Statement Ring: I'm usually not a big ring person but I do think there's something to be said about having a nice ring on your finger. It sometimes just elevates an outfit. And the nice thing about statement rings are that they come at different price points. I got this one at H&M and I really like it - it's in a neutral color but the size keeps it from being boring. Plus, I use it to tie my scarves sometimes :]

Pearl Earrings: This is basically a staple for any office girl (or any girl for that matter). A nice pair of simple, classic pearl studs are just a preppy, yet understated addition to an outfit. No need for debate or question, every woman should own a pair of pearl earrings. Mine are vintage from my grandmother, but I always see cute fake pearl earrings at cheaper price points. I say, invest in nice looking ones!

Little Black Bag: Just like the little black dress, a little black bag is also quite necessary. It will go with any outfit! If you're market for an LBB, I'd advise you to consider where you spend the most of your time. I happen to work a lot so I wanted a black bag with some structure that can carry a lot of things BUT still be relaxed enough to take with me to happy hour. That's how I came upon my mom's old Prada bag (and she was generous enough to let me have it :)

Cute Sunnies: I think sunglasses are essential, but I don't think it's always necessary to pay a large amount of money for them. I always end up losing my sunglasses (I just leave them somewhere and I forget about it :/ ) but I think one should always have a pair on hand. If you're not forgetful like me, I would go ahead and invest in a classic pair, like maybe Ray Bans, but if you are like me, I would just go for a cheaper alternative. I surprisingly haven't lost these Forever 21 cat-eye sunnies yet and they only cost less than $10. What a steal!

Classic Watch: I got my patterned wristwatch from Geneva a few years ago and I still have it today! I think that's a testament to a classic watch. They're timeless (no pun intended), chic, and practical. I like going for a bigger menswear-inspired watch but if you like dainty watches, I'd say go for it. A good wristwatch should reflect your personality and your lifestyle so figure out what kind of watch fits you best.

Statement Necklace: I would say that a big statement necklace has been in for a few seasons now so I think it would make a great investment piece! My favorite is actually from Charming Charlie's so it wasn't a big investment but I've been eyeing this piece (link) from Baublebar. Statement necklaces can be as dramatic as you want them to be so be creative and find one that you really enjoy!

Waist Belt: I always find myself accessorizing with belts because I find that I lose my waist line in many types of clothing when I don't use a belt. I have a friend who is a model and she always used to say, "when in doubt, wear a belt." True words, friend. I'm quite fond of this metal bow belt from H&M because it's stretchy and in a neutral color so it goes with everything!

Black Opaque Tights: I know that with the weather so warm out black tights may seem illogical, but I think they are absolutely essential in colder months. I used to dislike wearing dresses or skirts in the wintertime but now, I think a pair of black tights is the solution to limiting my wardrobe in cold weather. I don't think tights are the item to spend a ton of money on, but it's really up to you. I got mine from Target for $5. 

Chic Clutch: And of course a nice clutch can get you far. They're good for nights out, cocktail parties, happy hours - basically any social occasion! My favorite is my black Juicy Couture clutch I got as a gift a five years ago. The fact that it's still in is a testament to the power of investing in a quality piece.

Do you think I need to add anything/take off anything on the list? What are some of your favorite accessories?

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