Movie Night: Orange is the New Black

For this month's Movie Night, I decided to review a series instead of a movie. Specifically a Netflix exclusive series called Orange is the New Black.

Now if you've been online at all in the past month, I'm sure you will have heard everyone just raving about the show and with a good reason too - it's absolutely brilliant!

The show is about an upper middle-class woman, Piper Chapman, who goes to prison for being a part of an international drug ring ten years prior to the events of the show. She was fresh out of college and looking for an adventure when she got sucked in by the "wrong crowd," found herself falling for a woman, and committing crimes. Though Piper puts that part of her life behind her, it catches up to her when she is named by one of the drug smugglers and she is thus forced to spend 15 months in prison.

I first thought the show would glorify women's prisons and try to make the main character out to be some sort of Legally Blonde type but it doesn't. Granted, she does obliviously talk about her past, which is considerably better off than most of the other characters who grew up in impoverished areas, but she's not as oblivious or happy-go-lucky as Elle Woods. She's holding on and just barely keeping it together. She wants to be tough but she's scared all the time. She's just like all the other prisoners but the difference is that they've been there longer than she has.

The show gets so deep into each and every single one of the characters. I remember one viewer pointed out that anyone could be a main character because they are all so three-dimensional. You become so emotionally invested with each of the prisoners and you care about what happens to them.

In any case I recommend this show to anyone who enjoys watching shows with strong female characters. This is a series written by women, starring women, and made for all.


  1. I might just have to give this one a go, it sounds great. Thanks for sharing! I love hearing about new movies going around :)

    1. Thanks, Debra! I definitely recommend it - it's very deep and apologetically honest.

  2. I looooove that show. Even my husband was watching - it was one of our 'together' shows and we blew right through that first season. I loved the ending too and look forward to where they take it.


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