Shopping Spree: Back to School

It's that time of year again - time to head back to school. Do you have your basics covered?

Shopping Spree: Back to School

Forever 21 backpack ($30) / Emi-Jay hair ties ($6.50) / Chinese Laundry flats ($60) / Lilly Pulitzer agenda ($28) / Target cardigan ($28) / Circa notebook ($29) / Pilot pens ($15)//

  1. Boisterous Backpack: I used to carry a tote bag in school but only because they didn't make backpacks this cute back in my day! I really like this polka-dot one from Forever 21 - it's cute, it's practical, and roomy! What more could you possibly want in a carry-all?
  2. Heroic Hair Ties: I always have a hair tie around my wrist, as I'm sure you've all noticed from my outfit posts. It's usually a black one to match my hair but I'm really loving these kitsch ones. They're gentle on the hair and come in all sorts of cute colors. I think hair ties are important for every woman because you never know when you're going to need to pull your hair back.
  3. Fly Flats: Trekking from class to class sounds like a nightmare in heels so invest in a good quality pair of flats! I really like d'Orsay styles so these flats from Chinese Laundry really caught my eye! 
  4. Adorable Agenda: I think the words "student" and "agenda" just go together in harmony. You almost never see a serious student without one! I like that Lilly Pulitzer came out with these cute ones. I'm no longer a student but I still got my hands on this navy one! 
  5. Comfy Cardi: Cardigans are a fall basic and are necessary whether you have a dress code or not (for those still in high school - take note!) A recurring fall trend is leather so get a leather-look two-textured cardigan! So cozy and chic at the same time!
  6. No-Nonsense Notebook: While I know the benefits of taking notes with my laptop, I like writing this down physically too. This Circa business notebook is perfect for perfectionists like myself! 
  7. Plucky Pens: When I take notes, I always use at least two colors because I'm one of those crazy color coders. If you're like me, get a full set of different colored pens and see how pretty and organized your notes look at the end of the semester. You will be ahead of the game once exams week rolls in
Good luck in the upcoming school year, loves!


  1. You don't know how long I spent in the Lilly store considering if I should get that agenda or not. I loved the designs inside, but ultimately, I decided that $30 was too much for a calendar book that I was probably going to lose anyway :P I like the alliteration in your names, and I would add an umbrella to the mix too, because it always sucks to be caught in a downpour that you didn't expect.


  2. I love that polka dot back pack! So quirky snd cute! :)

  3. I always prefer to write with pen and paper that with a computer or something like that :)
    Love the polka dot backpack!

  4. Ack, I definitely need to go back to school shopping soon! I love that backpack and those hair ties are adorable! :)

  5. Love your back to school picks! I so love that cute polka dot backpack! Would be perfect for everyday!


  6. Fantastic pieces!! love that backpack and flats!

    Win gorgeous earrings!

  7. cute picks! love the shoes

    Kiki Simone

  8. What a great back to school list! That Lily agenda is adorable!
    xx Nicole

  9. that no-nonsense notebook is super cute!

  10. It´s not the worst thing to go back to school ... for me my first day back at work is on Tuesday :)

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  13. Love that backpack! I definitely want one :D

    Debra Bros Blog

  14. love the backpack, super cute! thanks for sharing.


  15. Dear Deborah, I appreciate very much your honest comment on my last post. I see you focused on back to school dress code: I love your selection! Thank you again for your precious insight!
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