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Happy Thursday lovelies!

I was tagged by the lovely Diana of Effortless Lady to do this beauty tag! I gotta say, I like that I'm making lots of new friends through blogging and I'm so honored that people would even think of my blog when doing a tag! 

Anyways, here are my this and thats:


  1. Blush or Bronzer: Blush. I seriously look dead without a bit of color on my cheeks. I tend to tan easily so a lot of times I don't bother with bronzer haha
  2. Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipstick - I find that lipgloss is usually not pigmented enough and it gets quite sticky :/
  3. Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara - seriously, my lashes are short, sparse, and stick straight down. I need mascara, otherwise I just look like I have no eyelashes. 
  4. Foundation or Concealer: Concealer. I hate how foundation feels on my skin. Perhaps I'm just not using the right foundations but I like to spot conceal instead. 
  5. Natural or Colored Eye Shadow: Usually natural but I use color on special occasions
  6. Press or Loose Eye Shadow: Definitely pressed!
  7. Brush or Sponge: Brush brush brush! :]

  1. Opi or China Glaze: China glaze
  2. Long or Short: Short - I type a lot and I find long nails get in the way
  3. Acrylic or Natural: Natural, but like eye shadow, I will wear acrylic on occasion. 
  4. Bright or dark: Brights for warmer weather, darks for cooler weather
  5. Flower or No flower: Flower... I think? I don't think I understand the question haha

  1. Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume in moderation
  2. Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion - body butter is a bit too heavy
  3. Body Wash or Soap: Both
  4. Lush or other: I quite like Lush

  1. Jeans or Sweat Pants: Jeans! Sweat pants are for the gym only! :]
  2. Long or Short Sleeves: Depends on the weather
  3. Dress or Skirt: Both 
  4. Scarves or Hat: I like how hats look but scarves seem more wearable
  5. Studs or Dangling earrings: Usually studs but dangling ones for when I want to make a statement
  6. Necklace or Bracelet: Necklaces - I wear bracelets on this blog but in my real life, I find bracelets make too much clatter and get in the way whenI work. I have a hard time finding bracelets that fit because I have small wrists :/
  7. Heels or Flat: Both - Flats are for when I'm running around town (DC sidewalks are cobbled and will eat your heels for breakfast). Heels for when I'm in the office... and basically many other occasions haha
  8. Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Riding boots
  9. Jackets or Hoodies: Jackets
  10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21 - Have you seen how many items on this blog are from F21? haha

  1. Curly or Straight: Wavy...? haha I have wavy hair
  2. Bun or Pony Tail: Buns! 
  3. Bobby pins or Butterfly clip: Bobby Pins
  4. Hairspray or Gel: Hairspray. Gel is too heavy
  5. Long or Short: Medium. Haha Long was pretty but difficult to manage, short is easy but difficult to style. 
  6. Dark or Light: I happen to like my dark hair (fun fact - I've never dyed my hair ever! Guess how many people have to drink when I bring that fact up in a game of "Never Have I Ever?" :)
  7. Side swept or Full Fringe: Side swept looks best on me but I seriously envy people who can pull off full bangs. It's so pretty and youthful-looking!
  8. Up or down: Both - depends on the occasion
  1. Rain or Shine: Hmm this is tough because I like both, but I think rain tends to slow me down a bit so I'll say shine :]
  2. Summer or Winter: Summer - though not DC summers. Too humid! BUT I'd rather be too hot than too cold.
  3. Fall or Spring: Fall! Seriously my favorite season! Too bad it's too short here in DC
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla: Oh man, I know I'm crazy but I don't like chocolate too much! I had food poisoning and I threw up a chocolate poptart when I was younger and now I can't stand to have chocolate :[ I'll have to go with Vanilla
I would like to tag:
If you do the tag, please let me know as I would love to read your answers!  Thanks again to Diana for tagging me!


  1. I loved reading this :) Great choices and thank you so much for tagging me, I can't wait to get started on this tomorrow! Btw i totally love autumn or fall too - my favourite time of year, so beautiful.

    Lucy xxx

  2. Great answers! I totally agree with you on the bracelets- I love wearing them, I have quite a few but rarely ever wear them because they always get in the way. Only on special occasions do those bracelets come out, which is a shame because they are so pretty!

  3. Yayyyy for wavy hair! :)

    Great post, doll. Hope you're having a good Thursday!


  4. I agree with the concealer! I always just conceal and maybe add a little bronzer for work etc! MAC's one is amazing! xx

  5. This was a quite tag! I just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster award!

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  6. great post dear.
    it is very interesting.
    i might do a post about this as well.


    keyti of brushesandpens

  7. fun questions! And nice answers :p
    Liked this tag :)

  8. Great post! I always love reading surveys on people's blogs to find out more about them :) Definitely agree with you on rather being too hot than too cold. I'm actually coming to DC in about two weeks so hopefully the weather is still lovely up there.
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  9. This was such a fun post to read! I got to know you a bit better! :) And I would definitely choose buns over ponytails as well! :)

  10. It was fun reading your answers, I didnt know you dont like chocolate.

  11. I can't live without mascara too. Without eyeliner either though!
    I wish you a lovely weekend darling
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  12. Thanks again Deborah for tagging me :D It was so much fun doing it today! Enjoyed reading ur answers like finding out ur traumatic experience with chocolate!

  13. such a cute tag! I love getting to know others this way. =D

  14. Dearest Deborah, really interesting, thanks a lot! So it looks like we have many in common, e. g. I don´t dye my hair, too, I prefer lipstick and blush and jackets instead hoodies :)

    Wish you a happy weekend!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  15. What a fun tag! It's so interesting to see everyone's beauty preferences! :)

    Stephanie | fashion and tea

  16. great answers!:) and I just love the illustration with disney princesses:D

  17. I loved reading this post! I would agree with you on a lot of the questions!


  18. we have almost the same answer on everything ^^ btw like that disney princess pic that you included :)

  19. OMG :D I am SOOO late on finding this but I'm gonna do it tomorrow! Thanks for tagging me!

    ♥ Brittney @ True Vintage Love


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