Moon River | LBD and Trench

Hello lovelies!

Whenever I have days where I look into my closet and think, "I have nothing to wear," I end up falling back on my trusty little black dress.

Immortalized by Audrey Hepburn, everyone knows a classic LBD is a girl's best friend. This is my favorite LBD in my closet at the moment and it always seems appropriate for most occasions. Cocktails, work, church, brunch - you name it!

Breakfast at Tiffany's is always a source of inspiration for me and I wanted to channel that in this post today. But take off the excess pearls and I think this would be a good look for everyday, don't you think? I happened to wear just that to a work event this week :]

What's your fashion formula for when you have "nothing to wear?"

Coat: H&M trench
Dress: Forever 21 dress
Accessories: Icing bracelet, vintage pearl earrings, Icing wayfarers, vintage Prada bag
Shoes: Michael Antonio pumps


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  2. I'm with you on the classic black dress for days of nothing to wear! Love how you pair everything with it!

    carly; sundays grace

  3. Nice ;)

  4. This is gorgeous. You look really classy and glamorous, brilliant outfit.

  5. very elegant and beautiful!

  6. Ahhh such an elegant outfit! One of my favs from u :)

  7. My dear let me tell you that your natural elegance makes you worthy of wearing Holly Golightly's uniform. Your shoes are delish!! Big hugs hun
    Coco et La vie en rose
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  8. I love your trench! Every year I try to find a good one, but so far I haven't found one I just absolutely love! (Or one in my price range that I like, more specifically!) You look fab!

  9. Love the coat! And is looks so great paired with the black dress!

  10. I love this outfit. So me too. Classic and sophisticated never goes out of style. A great LBD always saves the day.


  11. You're looking as gorgeous and stylish as ever! I love a LBD, it's perfect for when you have no idea what to wear! Also in regard to your previous post 'ugly phase', you were beautiful back then too! x

  12. That dress is so pretty. Perl necklace made it even more chic. :)
    You look gorgeous, dear. :)

    keep in touch,

  13. Before I even saw you mention Audrey Hepburn that's all I could think of while scrolling through your pictures. Great (and classic) outfit! Love your coat :)
    Bespeckled With Freckles

  14. love the trench coat! great dress and the pearls are a great touch.

    Kiki Simone

  15. love your dress and necklace :)

  16. I just saw Hepburn in Roman Holiday the other day and I was drooling over her classic style and pieces. You look so elegant here, and I love your lip color as well. I bet you got lots of compliments at your work function.


  17. indeed a classic trench never goes astray, in fact it's back in style again :D

  18. Seems like everyone is wearing a trench in today's post (including me :p)
    You look so classy and chic. Love your shoes :)

  19. Lovely outfit!!

  20. Deborah you look amazing, chic and classy as always! <3 Every girl's gotta have LBD, love yours!!

    xoxo, Kerynn
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  21. woohoo i was going to say you remind me of audrey hepburn even before i read that it was your inspiration! ^^ i love this look on you probably my favorite looks so far :)

  22. This is gorgeous classic look! Very Audrey-esque indeed! That trench is fantastic.

  23. It is SO Breakfast at Tiffany's! You're totally gorgeous!

  24. So chic! Breakfast at Tiffany's I would say ;)

  25. You're so pretty.x I absolutely love your outfit, so fashionable and chic! I totally agree with you a LBD is just perfect for every occasion and paired with a trench coat is just the perfect outfit.x Gorgeous dress and heels.x To be honest when I have nothing to wear I just find something I like from my closet and plan an outfit around it!

  26. This is great! I actually have a jacket very similar to this and am excited to get a chance to wear it. Where I am the weather is so up and down always that the days I am going out are not jacket weather. Every day I stay in of course, it's freezing.... Hmph.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  27. H&M trench but looks like Burberry!


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