Memories of My Grandmother | Brocade Top and Black Boots

Happy Monday, everyone!

My grandmother picked this top out for me and sent it from South Korea. She's always had an eye for fantastic prints and patterns and I could definitely see her thought process in this top. Isn't it ridiculously elegant? Haha I certainly think so. 

I actually haven't been to Korea in over ten years, even though my entire mom's side of the family is still there. I recently thought about visiting as my grandmother is quite old. She raised me when I was younger because my parents were both so busy with work. After I was born (in California, USA) my parents had me move out to Korea until I was 4 to live with her and my grandfather. My grandfather has since passed away but I still have fond memories of living with them. They would spoil me rotten! It has recently occurred to me that with my grandma's advancing age, I should make time to visit her and make lots of new memories before it's too late to do so. Now if only I can find the time...

Do you talk to your grandparents or parents on a regular basis? 

Top: Gifted from Korea
Bottoms: Express jeans
Accessories: LouLou's necklace, Juicy Couture clutch
Shoes: Nine West boots


  1. I hear ya on living with our grandmas & being spoiled rotten ;) It's so sweet that ur grandma picked out this lovely top for u! She sure has some good taste & perfect for the holidays~ Merry Christmas soon!! Hehe

  2. Great boots!!


  3. Lovely outfit, your grandma has excellent taste!
    I never met any of my grandparents on either side of the family as they were living in Ireland and my parents moved to England years before I was born. If there's one thing I could do, its to go back in time and make sure I met them as I feel I really missed out on knowing some amazing important people. Spend as much time with your grandma as you can :)

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  4. great post! would you like to follow eachother?

  5. Hi Deborah, Thanks for your post.;... I'm gonna pick up the phone and call my grandparents in China right now.... or.. until they wake up :) Your grandma is definitely a sweetheart for sending you that sweater... this makes me wanna mail something back for her!!! <3

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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  6. Go Grandma! Love that top! The boots, too. I hope you get the chance to visit, what a great time that could be.

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

  7. Awh you sweetie, hopefully you will have a holiday soon to see her!
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  8. I'm sure your grandma would be really happy if you visit her!
    I love this top!
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  9. I love the top and the necklace!

  10. awww this is such a sweet entry! It's so easy to forget that as we age our family members are aging as well!

    Love your outfit as always too :)

  11. Your top is really beautiful :)
    And if you ask me...I agree. I really think you should find time to visit your grandma!

  12. lovely outfit, the print on your top is amazing. love the details.

  13. Deborah, my grandma lives in the same neighborhood as me now and I am very blessed to live so close to her. I hope you're able to visit your grandma soon!


  14. Amazing outfit, the top's pattern is so chic! x


  15. That's sooo sweet she thought of you and sent that top over- your grandma has a great eye :) And that's so neat you lived in Korea when you were little! Do you remember anything about it?

    xo marlen
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  16. Such a lovely blog!! I just started blogging and am loving it! Check mine out if you have a chance Thanks! :)

  17. i love your necklace!!
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  18. Such a lovely top - your grandmother clearly has great taste! :)
    Helen at Hels Yeah! xx

  19. Your top is quite pretty, especially with that lovely necklace :) So cute of your grandmother to send it to you!

  20. Love those boots! Enjoyed the post. (: x

  21. Your grandmother did an amazing job- this is too cute on you. :)

    Merry Christmas, doll!


  22. ooh such a chic look! i love your sweater! its beautiful! :) happy holidays! :)

  23. I love it when relatives from back home (China for me) send things over--it's so thoughtful and obviously I enjoy getting presents. I haven't been back in forever as well, and the holidays are a painful reminder of that separation.


  24. Dearest Deborah, I think it is really a great idea to visit your grandmother because as you mentioned, maybe one day it could be too late. It´s so wonderful of her that she sent this beautiful top to you and I can recognize the love with which she obviously had chosen this top for you.

    I think as you are in a very close relationshop to her as she educated you.

    For me it´s not possible to talk with my granparents as they are all death.

    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas time so far!

    Happy Holidays!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  25. lovely outfit! really love the simplicity but cuteness of it!
    Merry Christmas!

  26. Cute top, and I love that it comes with such a story.

    I hope you are able to make the trip out to visit your grandmother while you have the opportunity. Planning time for a vacation can be stressful (especially with a new role at work), but you'll be so happy you did!

    xoxo Jackie
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  27. Nice touch of pearls



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