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Drop that Waist Like it's Hot | Drop Waist Dress and Oxfords

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7:54 PM
Hello lovelies!

I'm sorry I've been slacking again this week! Because of my last week where I was out sick, I just had a pile of work waiting for me when I got back to the office. I was originally going to do a post on some of my favorite sleeveless blouses (a Wish it, Want it, Gotta Have it post, that is), I decided to just take some quick pictures on an outfit instead.

I was on the fence with drop-waist dresses but I think this dress officially has made me a convert. Stripes are just so perfect for summer and this dress has a fun nautical element to it that I adore.

My mommy got these shoes for me from Zara when they had the sale. I went with her and it was absolute torture. I can't shop right now! Thankfully, my mom said I could get these shoes. They're actually from Zara Kids. The size 37 fits me perfectly and they were only $20!

Thanks for reading!

Dress: Forever 21
Accessories: Bershka bag
Shoes: Zara

Closet Strategy: Red, White, and Blue

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12:00 PM
With Independence Day coming up, I figured we all would need a little more red, white, and blue in our lives. Here are some subtle ways to wear the colors of the American flag:

Outfit 1: For Brunch

There's something cozy about a sweater pulled over a skirt. I know it's super hot outside but I personally get really cold indoors - the air conditioning is always blasted on at an unbearably cold temperature for my taste. If you're like me and you get cold easily when indoors, wear a lightweight sweater over a skirt. Add neutral accessories and shoes to keep the focus on your clothes.

Top: Forever 21 sweater
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Icing sunnies, Bershka bag
Shoes: Steve Madden Getta pumps

Outfit 2: For Barbecues

I'm a big fan of eating and barbecues in general so I like to wear a-line dresses to hide my tummy all day! I added a denim shirt on top to, again, keep from getting cold in the afternoon. I love how breezy this look is - comfortable and cute!

Dress: Target dress
Top: Forever 21 denim shirt
Accessories: Bershka bag, Forever 21 sunnies, Forever 21 floppy hat
Shoes: Vintage oxford heels

Outfit 3: For Parade Watching

And no Independence day complete without going to see a parade of some sort. They always have a great big one in DC, of course, and I've gone every year! I always end up leaving the parade feeling slightly more patriotic. Anyways, I like pairing this chambray blouse with white shorts and adding red accessories. It's minimalist but fun.

Top: H&M striped top
Bottoms: J Crew chino shorts
Accessories: Nine West red cross body bag, Icing wayfarers
Shoes: Glaze by Adi sandals

Are you as excited for Independence Day as I am?

Book Club: Lady Chatterley's Lover

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12:00 PM
Hello lovely blog readers!

This week, I recommend to my viewers the book, Lady Chatterley's Lover by D.H. Lawrence.
I was first introduced to this book by a roommate my sophomore year of college. I started the book, but due to the slow pace, I quickly got bored and other things filled up my time and I found myself being too busy to pick the book up again. I recently found the book while cleaning up my book case at my parents' house and started to leaf through the pages. I don't know how i found this book boring before because I find it quite fascinating now.

The book is essentially about a rich young woman who is stuck in an unhappy marriage to a man who leaves her physically, mentally, and sexually unsatisfied. She finds solace in the arms of a wise (albeit sassy) gardener where she comes to discover herself and what she wants in a relationship.

The book was originally banned when it was first published in 1928 because of sexually explicit details. Although I found it to be pretty tame by today's standards, I can only imagine how crazy people must have thought Lawrence was back in the '20s. In a way it legitimizes extramarital affairs which isn't something I agree with, but he makes the case in such a beautifully written way that it's hard for me to think about the immorality of cheating while I'm being swept away by his words.

For anyone looking for a good book to read this summer, I definitely think you should check this out. It will whet your appetite for the perfect summer fling ;)

Black and Beige | High Waist Shorts and Beaded Tank

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12:00 PM
Happy Monday, lovelies!

On lazy summer days, I tend to reach for my high waisted shorts. These were originally an impulse buy from H&M last year. Remember what I said about impulse buys? Well, like my pencil skirt, these shorts were a good impulse buy because I wore them to death last summer and I'm going to wear them to death this summer too!

Have you had an impulse buy that worked out?

Top :Forever 21 pearl and lace tank
Bottoms: H&M black high-waisted shorts
Accessories: Juicy Couture clutch, Forever 21 cat-eye sunnies
Shoes: Michael Antonio cap-toe pumps

Leopard Bow | Graphic Shirt and Bandage Skirt

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12:00 PM
Merry Sunday everyone! Hope you're having a lovely weekend so far!

Whenever I want to feel luxurious, I always reach for something in leopard print. I think it's a chic print and a small dose of it can make or break an outfit.

I got this top in Spain and I think it's so cute. It's a sheer graphic tee that's perfect for summer. 

What's your favorite print?

Top: Bershka top 
Bottoms: Forever 21 bandage skirt
Accessories: Vintage pearl earrings, Juicy Couture clutch
Shoes: Forever 21 heels

Picnic | Chambray Shirt and Ankle Strap Sandals

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12:00 PM
It's finally Friday! Do you have any plans for the weekend?

My friends and I are going on a picnic tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited. I'm in charge of bringing drinks and I've been scouring the web looking for fun drink recipes to try. I'm thinking of trying this one. What do you guys think?

Have a great weekend!

Top: Forever 21 tank, Forever 21 denim shirt
Bottoms: Forever 21 shorts
Accessories: Bershka bag, Paper Source ribbon
Shoes: Chinese Laundry sandals

Inspired by: Kill Bill

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12:00 PM
Hey there, lovelies!

I had the terrible misfortune of getting laryngitis for most of last week (which is the reason for the lack of posts last week) :[

It is pretty much the worse thing to happen to someone who is a professional persuader so sitting at home being unable to talk period was extremely frustrating. However, it did give me time to catch up on some movies I'd been wanting to watch or rewatch. Literally for three days, I only got out of bed to either go to the bathroom or get something to eat. Otherwise I sat in my bed watching every single Quentin Tarantino movie ever made.

A go-to favorite, Kill Bill, was particularly interesting to me because I never really gave the clothes the Bride wore a second thought. Because I have this blog now, I'm starting to get inspired by many different characters so I put together a few outfits she wore throughout both movies:
Yellow Jumpsuit: Ahh, the ever-famous yellow jumpsuit. The Bride wore this while fighting the  Crazy 88 gang, Gogo Yubari and O-Ren Ishii herself. Start with this mustard romper, paired with a thick belt. I found these yellow Nikes that look similar to the Bride's shoes. Finally, accessorize with this infinity necklace (a reference to the Crazy 88), and a studded clutch (a homage to Gogo's meteor hammer)
Fight against Budd: I could never get over how cool the Bride's jacket was. I've always wanted a fitted leather jacket like this and she styled the rest of her outfit flawlessly. And, (*spoiler alert*), if one is to be buried alive, it helps to look cute in the grave ;-)
Confronting Bill: I thought it was interesting that while the movie was made in 2003-2004 when mini skirts were the preferred bottom of choice, they had the Bride wear a maxi skirt. It's also great that maxi skirts have made a comeback so we can totally take advantage of the trend and wear this Bride-inspired outfit.

Looking Back and Moving On | Aqua Tank and Coral Clutch

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12:00 PM
Hello my lovelies!

I was recently talking with a friend who told me about the last time she's been back to her alma mater. When I told her I hadn't been back to American University since graduation (in 2012), she was shocked. 

"What?!" she asked. "But you still live close by! What's stopping you from going back?" Well, several things. I didn't have that many friends younger than me that I could visit nor was I that into our sports teams (not that they're bad, mind you, but I'm more into European soccer and pro football. Our school didn't have a football team unfortunately). And finally, I realized that I'm quite apathetic when it comes to change. 

I moved a lot growing up and I guess I got into the habit of thinking change is inevitable. It's nice to reminisce about the past but I think it could be a deterrence from moving forward with your life. I'm not exactly one to look back because the idea of what could happen in the future excites me more than what's already been done. It may make me come off as a bit cold but the thing is, I like thinking that possibilities are endless because the past can't be changed. AU has a special place in my heart but it's also in my past.

Mind you, I don't think it's a bad idea to go back to your old school and say hello to your friends and professors - in fact I think it's a wonderful idea. I, personally, am not really in much of a hurry to visit though. But again, that's just me. 

How do you feel about visiting your alma mater? 

Top: Forever 21 tank
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Forever 21 clutch, Forever 21 sunnies
Shoes: Glaze by Adi sandals

Summer Makeup Essentials

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8:20 PM
Summer Makeup Essentials
Cetaphil facial cleanser ($10) / Neutrogena sun screen ($6) / CoverGirl Lash Exact waterproof mascara ($6) / Physician's Formula Healthy Wear face powder in SPF 50 ($12) / Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in SPF 15 ($8) 

Whenever summer comes around I find myself having to adjust my beauty routine ans swap out some of my products for different ones. Like my powders or lipsticks to ones with SPF and adding sunscreen to my routine. Like this powder from Physician's Formula because it has SPF 50. A family member had skin cancer a few years ago and now I'm a bit paranoid about getting it myself so I always make sure my skin is covered with SPF anything. I really like this sunscreen by Neutrogena - it's been my go-to for a while because it's not as greasy as other sunscreens I've tried and it's gentle on the skin.

What are some of your summer make-up go-tos?

Daddy's Little Girl

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10:57 PM
Hey all, sorry for the lack of posts this week - it's been crazy busy and hectic, but I will resume normal posting tomorrow :]

With that out of the way, I want to talk about Father's Day and my dad. While my father and I have had our ups and downs, I always appreciate what he's done for me and my family.

My dad had a tough childhood so he's always tried to give me and my brother everything that he never had growing up. I never really understood why he was so adamant that we had the best schooling, the best manners, the utmost respect for others, but now that I'm older I realize that he's always been looking out for us.

Here are a few facts about my dad:

  1. He was born in Seoul and has three sisters that he had to take care of growing up. Needless to say, he is extremely used to girl drama haha
  2. My dad is a big movie buff - he has an incredible DVD collection (I think he has about enough to open his own movie rental shop - I'm not even exaggerating when I say that)
  3. My grandfather escaped from North Korea to South Korea when the communists took over the country so my dad grew up hearing Korean being spoken with a North Korean dialect. Sometimes he uses the dialect himself and it's so interesting to hear!
  4. Like my mom, he would do absolutely anything and everything for his family because we are his priority. He is amazing!

Closet Strategy: White Denim Shorts

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12:00 PM
I don't know about you guys but outside of the office I basically live in my denim shorts during the summer. Recently, I bought myself a pair of white shorts. I think I was reluctant to buy them before because white is a surprisingly difficult color to pull off, but I think they look fresh and polished in the summer. Here are some ways I like to wear my white denim shorts:

Forever 21 shorts

Outfit 1: White Shorts + Peplum

I think people associate peplum with formal settings but peplum can  definitely dressed down. I personally love this outfit because while the color scheme is neutral, the combination of black and white is trendy and chic. The pops of color, in the form of accessories, adds interest to the outfit without being overbearing. This is an outfit I would wear to a Sunday brunch. 

Top: F21 black peplum top
Accessories: F21 Statement pink necklace F21 pink belt, H&M black clutch
Shoes: Payless black heels

Outfit 2: White Shorts + Chambray

I'm beginning to learn that you can never go wrong with chambray! While denim-on-denim can be a fashion faux-pas, the key to pulling it off is making sure you wear two different colors of denim. Blue and white is fresh and classic and perfect for the warmer weather! This is the perfect outfit for a museum outing or sight-seeing. 

Top: Forever 21 chambray blouse
Accessories: Rose necklace from boutique in Spain, Bershka bag
Shoes: Forever 21 flats

Outfit 3: White Shorts + Coral

First off: I love coral. I feel like I can't emphasize that enough. Secondly: I love polka-dots. Also can't be emphasized enough. So this outfit is definitely one of my favorites! I would probably wear this outfit to a casual birthday outing.

Top: F21 Sheer polka dot top, H&M coral cardigan
Accessories: Stradivarius belt from Spain, Mulberry bag
Shoes: Madden Girl Getta Pumps

Do you have a pair of go-to white shorts? What do you wear them with? Let me know! Also, sorry for the poor lighting in this post. It's been pouring rain the last few days and I had to opt for an indoor shoot. Will resume usual outdoor shoots with natural lighting after this :]