Book Club: The Alchemist

To say that I enjoyed reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist would be the understatement of the year.

Published in 1988, The Alchemist didn't gain fame until the 1990s when it suddenly became an unexpected best seller. Seen in the hands of people like Bill Clinton, Laurence Fishburne, and Will Smith, and translated into 67 languages, this book has become one of the most influential books in the world.

I Accept this Award

I'm so honored that Brittney from True Vintage Love has given me a Liebster! I always saw these on other blogs and wondered when my blog would ever be good enough for one. Well, now it has haha!

The Liebster Award, I've found, is an award that's given by bloggers to other bloggers who have less than 200 followers. It's a way to connect bloggers to other bloggers and build relationships and network and such. 

Fall Florals | Floral Skirt and Beaded Oxfords

Happy Monday gorgeous readers!

Fall will soon be upon us! Are you excited like I am or are you in denial about it? Haha while I will miss the sunny weather, I am done with the humidity. Autumn is my favorite season - it's crisp, warm, and cozy. Also, my birthday is in the fall so I'm probably a bit biased. DC summers are ridiculously hot and humid - no joke, the hottest it got this summer we were at 103˚ fahrenheit and 70% humidity. Can you say ridiculous?

Pinterest Roundup: Organizing

It's Sunday again - that means it's time for a Pinterest Roundup:

This week, I had organizing on my mind. My brother just moved into his new dorm room and he was all about trying to maximize the small space he was given. Ahh brings me back to my old University days...

Closet Strategy: Tulip Skirt

It's time for another Closet Strategy Post!

You know those items in your closet that you only wear once and then you forget about? Well today's featured piece is one of those items. I bought this skirt when it was on sale at H&M and I probably only wore it twice. I completely forgot I had it until I was cleaning out my closet and I figured in the spirit of challenging myself, I'd come up with a few ways to wear this skirt. I think tulip skirts can be difficult to pull off for some because it exaggerates the hips. BUT when done correctly, tulip skirts can be quite chic.

Outfit 1: Tulip Skirt + Chambray

Summer Readin' | Pleated Skirt and Tie-Front Blouse

It's finally Friday!

Most people my age complain that they have trouble finding time to get some reading done and I think I know where they're coming from - the older I get the busier I get with work, social time, volunteering, and just life in general. However I find that my commute is the best time to get my summer reading on. See, it's all about making time or using your time wisely.

Who Do We Dress Up for Anyways?

I was recently having a discussion with a group of friends about dressing up.

The guys in the group were convinced that women dressed up nice to impress men to which I vehemently disagreed.

"No," I said, "that's not true. If women dressed up for men, we'd just walk around naked."

That got a laugh from the group but I honestly believe that people, and women in particular, dress up for both ourselves and other women. I know that when I carry around an expensive $500 Prada bag, men generally won't be the ones coming up to me going, "Oh wow! Is it real? It goes great with your shoes!" I mean, yes I have encountered a fair share of men who were fashionable and brand conscious, but for the most part, it's usually women who are impressed with my attire and my brand-name shoes/bag/dress etc.

I think that for women, fashion can not only be a way to make a statement, but also a tool to empower us. I know the fashion world is sometime seen as superficial but as someone who lives in DC, I see examples of fashion empowering women every day. I see powerful women in Congress or law firms, kicking ass in the office while wearing a pair of sexy stilettos. It's truly inspiring to see how fashion transforms a person, especially in such a political environment where not only brains matter, but appearance as well.

I dress up for myself and for my peers. Who do you dress up for?

Workaholics Annonymous | Trousers and Mint Cardigan

Wonderful Wednesday, everyone!

If there's anything DC is known for, it's the workaholic mentality. I think everyone here is so ambitious and smart. Such go-getters from an early age. It's a good and bad thing, I think - everyone here knows what they want and won't stop until they get it. Unfortunately, sometimes this sort of attitude is a little off-putting. Imagine all your friends only talking about going to the best schools to find the best jobs, and live in the best home. Everything is a competition!

6 Essential Nail Polishes

I would like to preface this post with an admission - I am a nail polish hoarder. I have about 48 bottles of nail polish (all in different colors) and there is just no reason nor an excuse for that. No one should have that many bottles of nail polish, yet here I am :/.

That said, I think that there are a few colors that every woman should have in their collection:

When in Doubt, Wear Red | Light Sweater and Mustache Necklace

Merry Monday, lovelies!

Bill Blass once said, "When in doubt, wear red." That's exactly what I did today when I picked out my outfit. Red has a strong presence and energy that really seems to make a statement. On days where I just don't know what to wear, I pick something that's red and I build an outfit based on that.

Take Me Away | Midi Skirt and Vintage Prada

Happy Friday gorgeous readers!

Something about this skirt reminds me of Princess Ann from the film Roman Holiday. Like her, I've been feeling somewhat wanderlustful and I want to break free of a monotonous cycle that I'm afraid my life could become. I think I need a vacation. Perhaps Rome would be a good holiday destination?

10 Essential Accessories

Today I am continuing my "essentials" series and creating a new list for accessories. I think accessories can make or break an outfit - you can jazz up a t-shirt-and-jeans combo with snazzy earrings or give a dress an extra bit of oomph with a cute belt. So without further ado, here are my list of accessories that I just can't live without:

1-2 Silk Scarves: I think have a nice silk scarf or two is always a good idea! You can give an outfit a punch of color, or tie it to a bag to elevate it. I use my Hermes scarf to add a splash of color to a neutral outfit and I use my Coach scarf to neutralize a loud outfit. See how much a simple scarf can do for you? 

Movie Night: Orange is the New Black

For this month's Movie Night, I decided to review a series instead of a movie. Specifically a Netflix exclusive series called Orange is the New Black.

Now if you've been online at all in the past month, I'm sure you will have heard everyone just raving about the show and with a good reason too - it's absolutely brilliant!