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Wake Me Up When September Ends | Leather Shorts and Red Clutch

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12:00 PM
Hello gorgeous readers!

Today is the last day of September and that always makes me a bit sad. Out here in DC people like to joke and say that we only have two seasons: Summer and Winter. Sometimes I feel it's somewhat true - our fall and springs are so short. So when September ends and October begins, I think to myself, "Winter is coming" all Ned Stark style (high fives for a Game of Thrones reference, anyone?)

I do like October though - it means Halloween is coming, Pumpkin Spice Lattes will be a regular part of my day and dressing in layers (which I love) will be necessary - all things I enjoy immensely. 

Also, I must really like leather - I pretty much had a love affair with these leather shorts this weekend. They're so comfy and the perfect mix of edgy and feminine. 

Do you guys have a favorite month?

Top: Forever 21 shirt, H&M blazer (similar here)
Bottoms: Forever 21 shorts (similar here)
Accessories: Nine West clutch, Forever 21 studs (similar here), Gap RED bracelet, red and silver bangles from boutique in France
Shoes: Michael Antonio Louie pumps

Radioactive | Neon and Leather Leggings

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12:00 PM
Hello my lovelies!

I bought these faux leggings last month but the weather is finally cool enough to wear them! Don't they look extra cool with this neon top?

I've been listening to Imagine Dragons a lot lately - their album Night Visions is seriously amazing! This neon top reminds me of the song "Radioactive" for some reason. Perhaps I watch too much TV but when I think of the word "radioactive" I think of Homer Simpson handling neon nuclear material in the opening credits. I'm not a science person so I know I'm way off and this is obviously not based on fact, but fiction, but honestly, when you're running off of four hours of sleep and thinking of blog titles, "Radioactive" will just have to do :]

What's your favorite album?

Top: Stradivarius (similar here)
Bottoms: Forever 21 leggings (similar here)
Accessories: Juicy Couture clutch (similar here), earrings from boutique in Spain

This or That Beauty Tag

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12:00 PM
Happy Thursday lovelies!

I was tagged by the lovely Diana of Effortless Lady to do this beauty tag! I gotta say, I like that I'm making lots of new friends through blogging and I'm so honored that people would even think of my blog when doing a tag! 

Anyways, here are my this and thats:


  1. Blush or Bronzer: Blush. I seriously look dead without a bit of color on my cheeks. I tend to tan easily so a lot of times I don't bother with bronzer haha
  2. Lipgloss or Lipstick: Lipstick - I find that lipgloss is usually not pigmented enough and it gets quite sticky :/
  3. Eyeliner or Mascara: Mascara - seriously, my lashes are short, sparse, and stick straight down. I need mascara, otherwise I just look like I have no eyelashes. 
  4. Foundation or Concealer: Concealer. I hate how foundation feels on my skin. Perhaps I'm just not using the right foundations but I like to spot conceal instead. 
  5. Natural or Colored Eye Shadow: Usually natural but I use color on special occasions
  6. Press or Loose Eye Shadow: Definitely pressed!
  7. Brush or Sponge: Brush brush brush! :]

  1. Opi or China Glaze: China glaze
  2. Long or Short: Short - I type a lot and I find long nails get in the way
  3. Acrylic or Natural: Natural, but like eye shadow, I will wear acrylic on occasion. 
  4. Bright or dark: Brights for warmer weather, darks for cooler weather
  5. Flower or No flower: Flower... I think? I don't think I understand the question haha

  1. Perfume or Body Splash: Perfume in moderation
  2. Lotion or Body Butter: Lotion - body butter is a bit too heavy
  3. Body Wash or Soap: Both
  4. Lush or other: I quite like Lush

  1. Jeans or Sweat Pants: Jeans! Sweat pants are for the gym only! :]
  2. Long or Short Sleeves: Depends on the weather
  3. Dress or Skirt: Both 
  4. Scarves or Hat: I like how hats look but scarves seem more wearable
  5. Studs or Dangling earrings: Usually studs but dangling ones for when I want to make a statement
  6. Necklace or Bracelet: Necklaces - I wear bracelets on this blog but in my real life, I find bracelets make too much clatter and get in the way whenI work. I have a hard time finding bracelets that fit because I have small wrists :/
  7. Heels or Flat: Both - Flats are for when I'm running around town (DC sidewalks are cobbled and will eat your heels for breakfast). Heels for when I'm in the office... and basically many other occasions haha
  8. Cowboy Boots or Riding Boots: Riding boots
  9. Jackets or Hoodies: Jackets
  10. Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe: Forever 21 - Have you seen how many items on this blog are from F21? haha

  1. Curly or Straight: Wavy...? haha I have wavy hair
  2. Bun or Pony Tail: Buns! 
  3. Bobby pins or Butterfly clip: Bobby Pins
  4. Hairspray or Gel: Hairspray. Gel is too heavy
  5. Long or Short: Medium. Haha Long was pretty but difficult to manage, short is easy but difficult to style. 
  6. Dark or Light: I happen to like my dark hair (fun fact - I've never dyed my hair ever! Guess how many people have to drink when I bring that fact up in a game of "Never Have I Ever?" :)
  7. Side swept or Full Fringe: Side swept looks best on me but I seriously envy people who can pull off full bangs. It's so pretty and youthful-looking!
  8. Up or down: Both - depends on the occasion
  1. Rain or Shine: Hmm this is tough because I like both, but I think rain tends to slow me down a bit so I'll say shine :]
  2. Summer or Winter: Summer - though not DC summers. Too humid! BUT I'd rather be too hot than too cold.
  3. Fall or Spring: Fall! Seriously my favorite season! Too bad it's too short here in DC
  4. Chocolate or Vanilla: Oh man, I know I'm crazy but I don't like chocolate too much! I had food poisoning and I threw up a chocolate poptart when I was younger and now I can't stand to have chocolate :[ I'll have to go with Vanilla
I would like to tag:
If you do the tag, please let me know as I would love to read your answers!  Thanks again to Diana for tagging me!

Nerd Alert | Mesh Panel Skirt and Glasses

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12:00 PM
Hello lovelies!

So here's a not-so-secret fact about me: I'm a huge nerd. Always have been and always will be.

In school, I used to get straight A's and I used to be the editor-in-chief of my high school newspaper. Still not convinced? Try these on for size: For my very first date with an old boyfriend, we went the Smithsonian Air and Space museum and we got in an argument about who was the better fighter pilot (I said Douglas Bader and he said Billy Bishop). And I would much rather be in my room playing sudoku on my iPad than go dancing at a club on a weekend. I could go on but I wouldn't want to bore you haha. 

I channeled my inner nerd today with these fun glasses! Who says being a nerd meant you couldn't look fun?

Are you a nerd too?

Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Forever 21 glasses, Forever 21 satchel (similar here), LouLou's bracelets (similar here), Geneva watch
Shoes: Zara heels

Book Club: Game of Thrones

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12:40 PM
Hello lovelies!

Today I wanted to talk about a book that has been insanely popular - Game of Thrones by George RR Martin.

I got into the TV show at the urge of my friends who said it's nothing like anything they've ever seen before. I admit, I didn't like the first episode too much but I pushed through and now I'm addicted. I seriously sat down one weekend and went through the entire show in two days. Once I finished that up, I went into Game of Thrones withdrawal and while I now eagerly await the start of the fourth season, I figured I should fill in the time slot with reading the book series that started it all.

Game of Thrones is actually the title of the first book but the book series is called The Song of Ice and Fire. If you like being happy and you like seeing the heroes and heroines win all the time, I would say this series is perhaps not for you. While I'm currently reading the fourth book in the series, I can only advise you all that if you do choose to read the books, don't get too attached to any one character because mostly likely, that is when they will die. The writer is evil - he will make the characters so likable and make them appear to be central to the story and then just kill them off in one fell stroke. And yet I can't stop reading!

In case you haven't seen the show, Game of Thrones is a fantasy book that takes place in a land called Westeros. There are kings, queens, knights, princes, princesses, and lords and all the other archetypes that you would imagine a fantasy novel would have. What makes to book stand out is how deeply the author delves into characterizing every single person that he creates. He gives everyone a voice and a story and you honestly can't help but get sucked into his world.

The book begins with the King, Robert Baratheon, naming his best friend Ned Stark as the Hand, (his right hand man, if you will). While initially reluctant, a series of events convinces Ned to accept his offer and he moves to the capitol, King's Landing, with his two daughters. The King dies almost as soon as he arrives and the rest of the book (and pretty much the entire series) has all the characters fighting for a right to the throne.

There are so many characters and the details of the book are very intricate - I sometimes wonder how the author keeps track of everyone and everything! But it really helps create local color and honestly it almost makes it feel like you're there watching the entire story unfold.

I definitely recommend this book and the rest of the series if you haven't already read it.

Happy reading!

Embrace the Hair! | Maxi skirt and Short Hair

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12:00 PM
Happy Monday beautiful readers!

Full disclosure - I was just a tad sad when I cut my hair. It was a little shorter than I really wanted it to be so I kept it up so people wouldn't notice how strange I thought it looked. Today, though, I wanted to highlight it - short hair is beautiful! Never really was attached to my hair - I think i was just shocked by how different I looked is all. Today, I will embrace it!

Top: Forever 21 blouse
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Stradivarius belt, Dooney and Bourke bag, LouLou's bracelets
Shoes: Steve Madden Getta pumps

Layers of Scallops | Scallop Skirt and Ankle Boots

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12:00 PM
Hello lovelies! 

Thank you for all of your birthday comments yesterday! I had a great birthday! Pictures of my day will be up soon!

I must really like scallops - this skirt, the dress from my last outfit post, it's a cute and fun hemline that really gives an ordinary outfit an extra oomph!

What's your favorite fall trend?

Top: Forever 21 tank, H&M jacket
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Bershka bag, Forever 21 bracelets
Shoes: ASOS boots

Birthday Suit | Scallop Dress and Gold Satchel

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12:00 PM
Happy humpday beautiful readers! I'm feeling quite excited - Tomorrow is my birthday! 

My friends asked me what I wanted to do for it last month and after some consideration I decided I'm going to spend a big portion of my day at a local soup kitchen and help feed the homeless.

I've been reflecting how the past year has been for me. It's been full of ups and downs and no doubt I've been so focused on getting my career on track. But this year I want to live my life helping others instead of focusing so much on myself. What better way to start it off than by volunteering? :]

Of course we'll get a few cocktails afterward though ;)

What do you guys usually do for your birthdays?

Dress: J Crew
Accessories: Lily Pulitzer belt, Forever 21 satchel, Geneva watch,
Shoes: Steve Madden Getta pumps