Thanksgiving Break Essentials

So I, like every other American out there, am eagerly anticipating going home for Thanksgiving. Luckily my parents don't live too far away from where I do now (about an hour and a half drive) so I don't have a huge packing list like some of my other friends and co-workers. Most likely I'll be bringing some dirty laundry so I can wash it for free (hehe).

However, every Thanksgiving, I find myself needing a few key things that I can never seem to be without:

Thanksgiving Break Essentials

Wendybox sweater ($37) / Zara boots ($189) / Game of Thrones books (28.76) / iPhone ($200) / Modcloth Dress ($45)

Closet Strategy: Leather Skirt

I have been obsessed with this skirt since the day I got it! It's been a closet staple for the past month and I'm not ready to give it quite yet, despite the cold weather telling me it's time to do so.
Forever 21 leather skater skirt
Here are my day to night looks:

Office Chic | Leopard Hearts and Pencil Skirt

(Note - this post was supposed to go out on Friday but I was so ill this past week I couldn't bring myself to take pictures and get this post out. I have since recovered and this post is now out, albeit a bit late. Hope you enjoy!)

Hello my beautiful readers!

I have another work outfit for you guys today - one that involves leopard print! 

Let's Get Organized: Smartphone Apps

As some of you may remember, I'm getting a new phone this month. While I'm still trying to settle the debate in my head between the iPhone 5s or the Galaxy Note 3 it got me thinking about how to organize all the apps that I have currently. Now I recently went out of my way to clear some space on my iPhone 4 so I could download iOS 7 but I've been thinking of how I'm going to organize my new phone when I get it.

The Awkward, Ugly, Phase

I had a nice night out yesterday with a few old friends that I have known since high school. The great thing about these friends is that they knew what I looked like nine years ago and still chose to be my friend.
Picture taken in 2006

Let’s face it: EVERYONE had an awkward or an ugly phase in their lives. Whether it happened in middle school, high school, college, or even after college, the period of our lives where we feel like ugly ducklings instead of the swans we are is inevitable for everyone.

For me, that phase was in high school. I was a bit chubby for my height and I never had the right clothes. I wore glasses, I hunched, and I had crooked teeth. It was not pretty.

Pencil Spots | Polka Dot Skirt and Red Accents

Happy Monday my pretties!

I'm continuing my work-oriented outfits series with this look - my polka dot pencil skirt and and a plain blouse! I know, this outfit is probably not the most exciting look I've ever featured, but to be honest this is the kind of outfit I wear to work quite often. I work in politics so my office is pretty conservative. I try not to go too overboard with my clothes but I think a pop of polka dots and a splash of red is still a toned down look that isn't boring, right? :]

Closet Strategy: Shift Dress

All right guys, I know everyone and their mothers own this shift dress from J Crew but I'm going to feature it in today's Closet Strategy anyway. Shift dresses are pretty much an everyday uniform for women in DC but I love how this particular dress has scalloped edges - it really serves to elevate the whole look. That said, there are multiple ways I wear this in my daily, non-blog life:

J Crew Scallop hem dress

The Morning Shift | Color Block Dress and Satin Pumps

Another day, another dollar.

Now that we're in November, I have to start winter-fying my outfits. I wore this shift dress a lot this fall and even in the summer (three words: air conditioned offices. Make for cold employees :/ ) but now I'm wearing it with a button up underneath and some tights to fight the cold air. I really like the idea of bringing in warm weather staples into the winter. I feel like I get more mileage out of my closet that way. 

Belated Halloween | Bowler Hat and Leather Leggings

So I'm not usually a big costume person. I definitely used to love dressing up for Halloween but as I got older there was a lot of Mean Girls-itis ("Halloween is the one night a year you can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it"). It got to the point where last year I just wore a T-shirt that said "LIFE" on it and handed out lemons (badum tss!)

The Morning After | Travel Pants and Embroidered Peplum

Happy Friday lovelies!

While some of you may be lucky enough to have today off after a night of Halloween activities, I unfortunately have to get back to work. Lucky for me, it's Casual Friday! I decided to wear my new Lilly Pulitzer Travel pants! They're super comfortable - they feel like leggings but they're thicker and more structured so they're perfect for a more relaxed day at the office.