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2013 Blogging Goals Revisited

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6:00 PM
The year 2013 is coming to an end and I must say it's been an exciting one full of ups and downs and everything in between. I think I can sincerely say that 2013 was life changing and I can't wait for all the things life has in store in 2014!

That said, sometimes it's good to look back at and reflect on some of the goals you set up for yourself so that you see how much you've accomplished and what you may want to improve on in the next year. Here were my goals for my blog when it was conceived early 2013 and my honest analysis of how I think I did with it:

  • Post consistently - at least three times a week
    I think I nailed this one, guys! I made this goal because in the past, I would start blogs and then just stop writing them and then try to start it up again half a year later. With
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes, I wanted to actually follow through with having a blog and maintaining it. I think I posted almost every day (or at least every other day) at around the same time. Woohoo!
  • Gain readership - 100 followers on Bloglovin and GFC
    Another goal accomplished! As of writing this post, I am at 129 followers on GFC (though I noticed GFC is disabled now) and 117 followers on Bloglovin. I couldn't have done it without you guys! 
  • Revamp my Blog design
    Not completely sure about this one. It's true I got a new blog header and even added social media buttons but I still feel like there's more I could be doing. I think I'll give myself a pass for this one but I know I can definitely improve and expand on this. 
I think I knew too little about blogging to have very specific goals in mind when I first started out. That's not a mistake I want to make for 2014. Here are my blogging goals for the upcoming year: 
  • Grow readership Specifically, by the end of 2014 I want to have gained another 100 followers on Bloglovin. 
  • Work out social mediaEven though I have social media buttons in place, I never really set it up until quite late this year and I still don't use it much. I want to gain 100 new followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Revamp blog design...againI think the trouble I'm having with this goal is that I don't have a clear idea of what I want it to look like, but I know a nice design when I see it. I plan on doing some research on blog design and learn coding (html, css, and the like) so I can better understand what I want to see when I open up my blog.
  • Work on brandingSimilar to the problem I have with revamping my blog layout, I think I have trouble defining what it is I'm trying to accomplish. I think I need to have a creative meeting with myself at some point to figure this out :]
Do you guys have blogging goals for the new year? Let me know what they are!

Sparkles | Sequin Skirt and Black Blazer

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2:00 PM
Happy New Years Eve everyone!

 I'm going to dinner with my family tonight and this is the outfit I'm planning to wear. I wanted to tone down the sequins and sparkle of this skirt so I paired it with a black blazer and a plain white tee. I also really wanted add some color to the neutral palette so I added red accents. Family friendly outfit, no? :]

Hope you all have a wonderful NYE!

Top: Forever 21 tee, H&M blazer (old)
Bottoms: Francesca's skirt
Accessories: Francesca's tights, Bershka earrings, Nine West clutch
Shoes: Zara flats (similar here)

Holiday Cheer | Midi Skirt and Polka Dot Layers

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12:28 PM
Merry belated Christmas, to all who celebrate it! If you don't, sorry everything was closed yesterday haha!

This is the outfit I wore to dinner with my family last night. I was planning on posting this entry yesterday but I decided at the last minute not to. I wanted to spend every minute with my family and the people who are most important to me in my life and I wanted my readers to do the same.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas filled with joy and love :]

Top: Mock layered sweater Gifted from Korea
Skirt: Choies midi skirt
Accessories: LouLou's necklace (old), Nine West clutch
Shoes: Zara pumps (old)

Memories of My Grandmother | Brocade Top and Black Boots

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12:00 PM
Happy Monday, everyone!

My grandmother picked this top out for me and sent it from South Korea. She's always had an eye for fantastic prints and patterns and I could definitely see her thought process in this top. Isn't it ridiculously elegant? Haha I certainly think so. 

I actually haven't been to Korea in over ten years, even though my entire mom's side of the family is still there. I recently thought about visiting as my grandmother is quite old. She raised me when I was younger because my parents were both so busy with work. After I was born (in California, USA) my parents had me move out to Korea until I was 4 to live with her and my grandfather. My grandfather has since passed away but I still have fond memories of living with them. They would spoil me rotten! It has recently occurred to me that with my grandma's advancing age, I should make time to visit her and make lots of new memories before it's too late to do so. Now if only I can find the time...

Do you talk to your grandparents or parents on a regular basis? 

Top: Gifted from Korea
Bottoms: Express jeans
Accessories: LouLou's necklace, Juicy Couture clutch
Shoes: Nine West boots

Currently... (Vol. 4)

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7:29 PM
Boy has it been a while, lovelies!

I mentioned last week that I got a promotion and the transition into my new position has been insane! The person I'm taking over for had only a week left in the office so she was cramming everything she knew into y brain all at once. I would come home and literally have a headache and all I wanted to do was go to sleep. Thus, my neglect of this blog...

That said, I'm so excited to start officially in my new job next week! It seems like a challenging yet rewarding position and I'm extremely happy to be there.

Now to the fun stuff - what I've been interested in currently:


  • Wearing: Smith's Rosebud Salve - This has been a lifesaver against the winter air! I always heard good things about this lip balm but I recently got this as a gift from a co-worker and I am seriously wondering how i ever lived without it. Highly recommend it! 
  • Smelling: Candy Cane Candle - There's something so appropriately wintery about a candy cane scented candle. Love lighting this thing up when I get home from work :]
  • Lusting For: Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette - I'm a fan of the other two Naked palettes so I really want to get this third one! I think the colors are so pretty and would compliment any outfit! 
  • Needing: Zara Flats - My trusty leopard flats finally fell apart on me so I happily went shopping for a new one. The sidewalks of DC are cobbled so I can't wear heels for too long unless I want my shoes to get scuffed and scraped. These Zara ones have been great for running around town and the color adds a bright pop to all of my outfits!
  • Listening: BeyoncĂ© - When I found out BeyoncĂ© released an album on iTunes, I immediately went out and downloaded it. I've been obsessed with it and it's literally all I've been listening to all week! If you haven't checked out Queen Bey's album, do it now! :]
  • Sipping on: Hot cocoa - Although I'm not really big on chocolate (food poisoning incident when I was 16) I'm slowly starting to be okay with hot coco but only in small doses. I really like this one by Starbucks because it's very rich. 
Thanks for reading! Sorry about my lack of posts this past week but I already have my posts planned out for the upcoming week so I'll be back on my regular blogging schedule :]

Open Letter to Santa

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12:00 PM
Dear Santa,

Hey there, it’s been a while. I know I haven’t written to you since I was 6, on account of the fact that my mom was really bad at pretending to be you – I asked her why Santa uses our wrapping paper and she couldn’t answer – and the fact that the house I lived in didn’t have a chimney.

But this year, I’m writing because I have a request. Well, several requests. I haven’t asked for anything from you since I was 6, for goodness sake, so I think I should be allowed to ask for more than one gift this year. Besides, I've been a good girl for the past 17 years so help me out? You don’t even have to wrap these and any one of them will do just fine.
  • No more student loans - I, like millions of other students in the world, have student loans. It’d be wonderful if it just… disappeared. It really puts a damper on my spirits when I even start to think about how long it will take me to pay it all off :/
  • Longer legs - at 5’3, it’s hard to look modelesque in any picture and it’s hard to wear maxi dresses. I always feel like I am trying to compensate for my height and it sucks. Give me just a few more inches in height, please?
  • A young Gregory Peck  -

    There’s something sexy about a man who just exudes intelligence and charisma. Look at this specimen of a man and tell me he is not attractive. All I can say is, nice job, Veronique Passani.
  • Time and money to travel the world - My goal in life is to go to every continent in the world. I am missing Antarctica and Australia. Alas, I don’t have money, nor the time to travel to even New York
  • Captain Shang from Mulan -

    Yes, this man is from a culturally inaccurate film that my 8-year-old self was slightly annoyed about. And yes, he is not real. But he is the most wonderful animated man in the world. Do you challenge me on this? Let me convince you. 1) He is as swift as the coursing river 2) has all the force of a great typhoon 3) has all  the strength of a raging fire and finally, 4) is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon. Under my non-existent tree is where I better find him. Never mind that he is animated. We’ll work out those issues later.
  • Discipline - Being done with a campaign, combined with the leniency of my professors during my study abroad, wiped out any shred of discipline that I had prior to 2009. If you find my discipline, I want it under my tree for Christmas so I can have it for my next 5k race. Thanks, Santa.
Yours truly,


Winter is Coming | Midi Skirt and Gingham

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12:00 PM
Happy Wednesday lovelies!

Sorry for being MIA lately. We had a crazy amount of snow here in DC and freezing rain soon after that and I just couldn't make an outdoor photo shoot work so please excuse the poor lighting and lack of pictures. I will try my best for the rest of the week! 

Another reason I haven't been blogging as much is because I recently got a promotion at work! I'm going through the paperwork and I start my new position on Monday but I've been quite busy. I'm still trying to figure out how this promotion will affect my blogging schedule but I've vowed I can figure it out. :]

Anyways, I wore this outfit to a holiday party last Friday. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that this was the skirt I got from Choies. It's a pretty taffeta material in the loveliest shade of green ever. It was much too long on me, however (for a guide, I'm 5'3) and I had to get it hemmed. My tailor was kind enough to save the extra fabric that he cut off and hem that so I could use it as a belt or a scarf or anything I wanted. Can't wait to get creative with that too! 

Have a great week!

Top: Gingham dress (worn as a top) gifted from Korea
Bottoms: Choies skirt
Accessories: LouLou necklace, Juicy Couture clutch
Shoes: Zara heels

Holiday Song Lyrics

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12:00 PM
The thing that I love about the holidays are the songs that are played on the radio. All the Christmas classics that make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside – best time of the year!

It wasn't until recently while visiting my parents, however, that I realized I actually don’t know any holiday songs all the way through.

I started singing the song “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas” while making breakfast. As I start flipping my pancakes, the lyrics come out of my mouth in this way: “Have a holly jolly Christmas! It’s the best time of the year…..mmmmm mmm mm mmmm mmm mmmmmmmmmmmm mmm. HA~AVE a holly jolly Christmas!” And then the cycle repeats.

4 times.

My mom, after listening in the corner for a while, suddenly asks, “Do you actually know the rest of the lyrics to that song?”


And the sad thing is, there are many other holiday songs that I don’t know all the way through, like:
  • “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, just like the ones I used to know…..” and then what?
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful/ and since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! ….” and then what?
  • “Sleigh bells ring, are you listenin’? in the lane snow is glistenin’! …..” and then what??
  • “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!!…” yeah, I don’t know how the rest goes
  • “I’ll be home for Christmas…” that’s all I got
Am I crazy? I can’t be the only one who only memorizes a few lines in holiday songs, right?  Let me know if you actually know the complete lyrics of a holiday song!

Closet Strategy: Plaid Shirt

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12:00 PM
There's something about the colder weather that just makes people reach for their plaid shirts. I think most people just do the whole, "plaid shirt and jeans" look and it's a great pulled together outfit for days when you're in a hurry. BUT on days you just want to go above and beyond, here are a few suggestions:

Outfit 1: Preppy
I think this is one of the most classic and easiest ways to wear a plaid shirt. Layer a sweater over it and fold the sleeves and you've got yourself a great outfit for a trip to the bookstore... Or something equally nerdy/fun :)

Top: Forever 21 sweater
Bottoms: H&M jeans
Accessories: Forever 21 bag, H&M necklace, Forever 21 glasses
Shoes: Forever 21 booties

Outfit 2: Edgy
Is there anything more casual cool than a pair of faux leather leggings? These leggings are the best - especially when paired with an equally casual plaid shirt! This is the perfect outfit for a night out with the girls.

Bottoms: Forever 21 leggings
Accessories: Forever 21 clutch, necklace from garage sale,
Shoes: Michael Antonio pumps

Outfit 3: Girly 
I really wanted to feature an outfit where I mixed prints - plaid and floral? Check and check! One of the things I love most about blogging is that it encourages me to try outfit pairings I would never have thought before. I gotta say, I quite like it! :] This is a great look for a a coffee date.

Bottoms: Zara skirt
Accessories: Target tights, Forever 21 earrings, Forever 21 bag, Francesca's watch''
Shoes: Thrifted oxfords

So what do you guys think? Which look did you like best?

Movie Night: Memento

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12:00 PM
Being a HUGE fan of all movies by Christopher Nolan (I've literally seen every single one of his movies), I found myself turning to watch Memento this past week. In my humble opinion, this movie is one of the most brilliantly told stories.
Centered around a brain-damaged man, Leonard Shelby, who suffers from a form of amnesia where he is unable to create new memories after being struck by a burglar who raped and killed his wife. He is out for revenge, despite his inability to remember any new leads he finds (Can you tell I like movies about vengeance? Old Boy, Kill Bill, and Girl with the Dragon Tattoo for example). The movie is told in a non-linear format with a neo-noir feel. When I first watched it, I felt like it started from the end and worked backwards. However there are also segments of the movie that are in black and white and I realized later that those were scenes of the beginning of the story working forwards. There is a part in the middle where the black and white scenes meets the colored sequence and that's when I realized the brilliance of the story-telling - the movie starts at both the beginning and the end and the "resolution" of the story is really the middle of the story. Confused? You have no idea.
To get a full understanding of the movie, you have to watch it at least twice. I think the acting is very solid but combined with the originality of the plot and the superb way the story is presented, I think this movie will go down in history as one of the greatest films ever made.
Definitely check it out.

Cyber Monday | Comfy Sweater and Jeans

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12:00 PM

Not a typical outfit post today - it's Cyber Monday! I'm in the comfort and warmth of my own home trying to find the best deals online ( has been like the Holy Grail for me so far).

Have a good week!

Top: Sweater gifted from Korea
Bottoms: H&M jeans
Accessories: Macbook Pro, Kate Spade iPhone case, Chris New York glasses