January According to Instagram

Hello lovelies!

As part of my blogging goals, I'm going to start shamelessly promoting my social media sites (including Facebook and Twitter). One of my most favorite forms of social media has become Instagram! Perhaps it's because I'm a visual person but I really love posting pictures and looking through others' posts - very easy on the eyes for sure. Therefore, I'm starting a new column on the blog called, "According to Instagram" where I will feature some of the pictures that really stood out to me the past month. I know other bloggers who do this once a week but I don't want to bombard you guys with photos of nothing every Sunday (because nothing exciting happens to me to be honest) so once a month it is.

So without further ado, here is what January looked like according my Instagram:

Closet Strategy: Statement Necklace

Happy Wednesday lovelies!

There's something about statement necklaces that really elevates an outfit. They seriously go with everything - from casual looks to black-tie formal wear, a statement necklace can be there. I recently bought a fabulous necklace from LouLou that I think is perfect for the holiday season. Here are some ways I've been wearing it:

What's in My Makeup Bag

Terrific Tuesday, beautiful blog readers!
Last week I wrote a post about the things I kept in my work bag. I purposely didn't go over what I kept in the makeup bag I had in there because I wanted to write a separate post about it.
To be honest, I don't carry too much, but upon reading this post I realized I carry more lip products than I actually need. Perhaps I need to re-organize? In any case, here are the beauty products I take with me whenever I leave the house.

My makeup bag was given to me as a free gift from the Avon lady after purchasing a certain amount of products.

Edit | Brocade Top and Pleated Dress

Happy Monday, gorgeous readers!

My best friend Jen used to say that everyone has a mental editor who controls what words come out of one's mouth. Well, I think mine just took a week-long break because I've found myself putting my foot in my mouth a lot! Nothing vulgar or offensive, but just painfully awkward. Like the whole:

Me: How are you?
Co-worker: Not too bad. How are you?
Me: I'm well thanks. How are you?
Co-worker: ... Stil fine...

It's the kind of awkward that makes you wish there was a hole in the ground you can sink to so you can hide for a few hours. 

What's in My Work Bag

Good evening everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you all the things inside my work bag. For most work days, I tend to gravitate towards my ASOS scallop shopper - it's structured enough to look professional, it's big enough to carry my things, and it's cute enough for a style blogger like yours truly :] It's on sale at ASOS now if you guys want to head on over there and check it out :]

My Winter Skincare Routine

Hi Lovelies!

It's been one crazy week! With the Polar Vortex hitting us pretty hard over here and work keeping me busy, I really had no time to blog! But I have all of my posts for next week lined up so I am fully prepared for whatever may come in the next week!

That said, I would like to deviate a bit from what I usually post on Sundays - I want to talk about my winter skincare routine. I don't really wear much makeup so instead I try to take care of my skin so I don't have to wear as much. I've been quite lucky to be blessed with good skin. I don't really break out too often and my skin is usually in pretty good shape. However it is a tad sensitive and a bit on the drier side and this is always greatly felt in the winter time. My commute to work this past week was TORTURE because my skin got so dry and the cold wind really wasn't helping. I couldn't feel my face at some points! I found myself relying on my skincare routine more than ever. My usual routine is divided into two parts - morning and night.


My morning routine is quite short. I don't use much products because I'm too tired in the morning for anything detailed haha

...And a Happy New Year | Sequin Dress and Cap Toe Pumps

Happy 2014 beautiful readers!

This is the outfit I wore to the party I went to after having dinner with my family. The party called for cocktail attire and I felt that this would be the perfect time to pull out my peach sequin and tulle dress. After all, New Years is the the time for sparkles and tulle and general over-the-top-ness, amirite?