What's in My Work Bag

Good evening everyone!

Today I wanted to share with you all the things inside my work bag. For most work days, I tend to gravitate towards my ASOS scallop shopper - it's structured enough to look professional, it's big enough to carry my things, and it's cute enough for a style blogger like yours truly :] It's on sale at ASOS now if you guys want to head on over there and check it out :]

While I've done this post before, I feel like the things I carry with me tend to change a bit as my lifestyle changes, not to mention I'm a nosy person and I like reading posts like these :p

My bag is separated into three sections: I have small pockets on the sides, a bag divider that zips up so I can put things inside it, and the two sides that are created by the divider.


  • Metro Card - A necessity for any DC dweller, I feel like a lost little tourist when I forget my metro card at home. I always keep it in the side pocket to make sure I don't forget it in the morning
  • Key Card - Gets me inside the building at work. 
  • iPhone - I use the iPhone 5s and I cover it with a Kate Spade case

  • Moleskine planner: I use my planner every day! Seriously a life saver - everything inside is color-coded. I honestly couldn't live without it! I think Moleskine is my favorite brand, though I've tried Lilly Pulitzer agendas in the past and liked it as well. 
  • Notebook: I use a small notebook to write out daily to-do lists. Actually I'm planning on writing a blog post later on about offline organizing soon. Stay tuned!
  • Minimergency Kit for Her: My friend recently gifted this to me as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and I seriously don't know how I got on with my life without this! It's amazing how much emergency items can fit in here and the bag is so cute! Now I'm never without these 21 items! If you've never heard of this, please click the link to it and check it out - it's oh-so-necessary!
  • Business card holder: When I joined the workforce after university, this was one of the first things I bought with my first paycheck. Any DC dweller will know that every moment can possibly be a networking opportunity. I once exchanged business cards with an architect I happened to meet while eating at a tea house by myself. You never know who you'll meet and when, but you'll make a memorable impression if you are always prepared to hand out your business card held in a chic case.
Zip Up Divider:

  • Wallet: I got this wallet in university from Wet Seal and while it's cute, I think I want to upgrade it to something more mature. Any suggestions guys?
  • Makeup pouch: I got this pouch as a free gift for buying a certain amount of makeup from the Avon lady. I will do a separate post for the items in my makeup pouch next week :]
Also on certain days I also carry my iPad or laptop. 

What kinds of things do you carry in your bag? And again, let me know what kind of wallet you recommend to replace my poor old one.


  1. ooo i really like your pretty polka dot case, and i carry around a notebook too! i need it to jot down random thoughts i get here and there haha. and i wish i was busy enough to have a planner haha. i always loved the idea of getting a fresh, pretty one every january but, alas, i lead an uneventful life :/

    xo marlen
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  2. I loveee that bag! I think I saw it in another one of your posts and was just as obsessed as I am now. The scallop design is so pretty. I have the same Kate Spade phone case, but my background is black with white polka dots. That miniemergency kit looks awesome! I'm sure it'll come in handy a lot!


  3. Super cute bag dear >.<


  4. Fab bag - love it, a good structured bag is always a must! :)x

    The Belle Narrative

  5. very nice pics) I like your bag)


  6. so cool, couldn't live without my planner or notebooks! I list everything, love the bag from asks, about to check it out :) another great post really enjoyed it xxxx

  7. What a gorgeous bag and you're so organised, I need to learn from you :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  8. First, I love your work bag! So adorable! Second, your bag is do organized! My work bag is all tumbled and I can never find anything in it. I need to clean mine out!


  9. Your bag is so cute and I love the polka dot case. Always enjoy reading this kind of post. :)

    Keep in touch,

  10. i think ive said this before but since the first time i saw this bag here in your blog ive been looking all over the mall for something like it hahaha, its really nice and wow you are very organized :) were using the same iphone case only mine is in 4S and its a lot dirtier :D

  11. Looks great!!



  12. I've been meaning to get my hands on a moleskine! My friend always has one, and I've heard how handy they are. I love that you only keep the necessities in your purse (and you're right, it is most definitely fun to read these types of posts haha!) To upgrade your wallet, maybe you can find one that's designer but not over the top expensive. Perhaps like a reasonably priced Kate Spade one to go with your phone case, or maybe one from a department store such as Macy's? Good luck finding one! :)

  13. That bag is so gorgeous! When I saw the picture I was positive it was going to be a super expensive bag from J Crew or something! I love how organized everything is-- I always have good intentions but somehow my stuff ends up scattered everywhere. I love the bow on your wallet so cute! My wallet is a few years old now but I got it during one of the nordstrom yearly sales for a really good price!

  14. This bag is stunning! I love how you have everything organized and put in a certain bag - very good idea! I love reading posts about what people have in their bag and how they keep them organized.


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  15. I really looooooove that Kate Spade case <3 I wish
    Kate Spade has cases for my phone :c
    Anyway nice content ^__^ Xx

  16. Your bag is great! I like your iPhone case too. Enjoyed reading this post... my handbag is always an absolute nightmare (on the inside) because I'm inherently messy, so I always like taking inspiration from these kind of posts... I will be organised eventually!
    Grace x


  17. I love these kind of posts! Your bag is amazing!

    Samantha xo


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