Quirk It | Chambray Shirt and Leather Leggings

Marvelous Thursday, lovelies!

Something about the color palette of my outfit and my nail polish seems off but I kinda like it. I've been wearing this polish to DEATH - I got it in mid-January and I'm already halfway done with the bottle! It's just such an interesting color that is a gorgeous soft purple with taupe-ey undertones. The thing is, this polish is called "Warm and Toasty Turtleneck" and it really does evoke a warm and cozy sort of image. Therefore, seeing it paired with such a casual and edgy ensemble seems a bit... bizare in a way haha. I don't care, though - I like a bit of quirk in my outfits :]

Closet Strategy: New Years Dress

I'm actually really excited to show you guys this post as I had to get very creative. I wore this dress on New Years Eve and while it's a beautiful party dress, I wanted to make it more wearable for everyday. The point of my Closet Strategy series was to show multiple ways to wear one item so that it would inspire my readers to try and get more mileage out of their closet items. While this gorgeous party dress seems like a one trick pony, I took it up as a personal challenge to make this baby work for other types of situations:

February According to Instagram

I'm back from my blogging break!

I think this is the longest I've every been away from my blog but I've been having a lovely time just reading and appreciating other blogs during my break. There wasn't a particular reason I stopped - I just wanted a break. The weather was incredibly nice during the time so I wanted to just enjoy it without thinking about outfits to showcase or posts to write up. It was definitely just what the doctor ordered.

That said, here is what February looked like according to Instagram:

Love is in the Air | Little Red Dress and Vintage Pearls

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Whether you will be spending the day with a date or with your mates, I wish you all a very lovely evening! I'm actually going to be working for most of the day (go figure) but I have plans in the evening with a few friends. A Galentine's Day, if you will. Besides, the second season of House of Cards is out today on Netflix and I NEED to watch it with the girls (it's kind of a requirement for those living in DC and working in politics). 

February Goal: Work on Love

Happy Thursday, beautiful readers!
Photo from inmymindandthoughts.blogspot.com/

The post you are about to read is very personal to me. I tend to not delve too much into my personal life, both here on the blog and in real life, because sharing is so hard for me. However, in the spirit of Valentine's day and the overwhelming support that I've received from some of my faithful readers, I think I want to talk a bit about my love life and one of my personal goals for this year.

I've got an Itch | Burgundy Skater Dress and Leather Jacket

Marvelous Monday, beautiful readers!

Recently I've been wanting to do something exciting. Don't you ever feel that way? I think that my life has become extremely routine. The first two years out of college  my life wasn't so mundane. I went to Tibet to teach English at a Buddhist monastery the first year out of college and I worked on a political campaign where everything would happen so fast in the second year. Now that I work in a slower office setting, I feel like I want to break out of the routine. Not that routine is bad, mind you, but I've just got this terrible itch to move my feet and do something crazy. 

Closet Strategy: Red Flats

Recently, my trusty leopard print flats gave out and died on me - the soles were completely worn out and couldn't be fixed. The thing about living in DC though, is that the sidewalks are cobbled. If you wear high heels all over the place all the time, the sidewalk will eat your heels for breakfast. Flats are an absolute necessity. Therefore, on my search for a replacement leopard print pair of flats, I came across these Zara patent red ones. Not leopard print, but I fell absolutely in love with the color. And they were on sale for only $19 - imagine that! Although Zara doesn't sell these particular flats anymore you can get very similar ones anywhere at the same price point. ($19!)

While I love bright-colored shoes, I never actually owned a pair before. I know, crazy, right? I think shoes are quite the investment and my mentality has always been "well if I'm going to spend all this money on shoes, I should be able to wear them with everything." I still stick to that philosophy but I think bright shoes can be a great statement piece with a little help in the styling department and in the spirit of Valentine's Day I figured a Closet Strategy on red shoes would be the way to go today. Here are some of the ways I've been wearing my red flats: