Closet Strategy: New Years Dress

I'm actually really excited to show you guys this post as I had to get very creative. I wore this dress on New Years Eve and while it's a beautiful party dress, I wanted to make it more wearable for everyday. The point of my Closet Strategy series was to show multiple ways to wear one item so that it would inspire my readers to try and get more mileage out of their closet items. While this gorgeous party dress seems like a one trick pony, I took it up as a personal challenge to make this baby work for other types of situations:

Outfit 1: Rocker Chic

I turned this dress into a top by wearing a skater skirt over the flouncy part of my dress. I actually really like how it turned out because the tulle underneath the dress fans out the skater skirt and it looks extra-flirty! To tone down the sequins at the top and the volume at the bottom, I added a leather biker jacket. This is a great outfit to wear to a concert or a night out in town. 

Top: H&M moto jacket
Bottoms: Forever 21 skirt
Accessories: Gifted skull necklace, Juicy couture clutch
Shoes: Forever 21 shoes

Outfit 2: Glammed-Up Casual

I think that denim has the ability to tone down everything, including the sparkle in this dress! I wore it as a top again but this time I added a flirty grey skirt like in the previous look. I think this is a great outfit for date night or drinks with friends.

Top: H&M  jacket
Bottoms: H&M skirt
Accessories: Forever 21 clutch
Shoes: Michael Antonio pumps

Outfit 3: All Tied Up

I channeled the 1940s and tied a chambray shirt over the top of the dress. I love how the sequins peak out a bit from underneath but in a more subtle way so it's more wearable. I also added a pair of oxford shoes for a more casual vibe. This is the kind of outfit I would wear to a picnic (once the weather gets nicer) or a carnival (can you tell I'm ready for warmer weather?)

Top: Forever 21 chambray shirt
Accessories: Bershka bag
Shoes: Zara oxfords

Let me know what you guys think about these looks - would you wear any of them?


  1. That second skirt is amazing! Is it a recent purchase by any chance??? I love all three of these looks-- the first one literally looks like it came together like that! I was trying soo hard to see how you got the skirt to fit so perfectly with the dress! Love the edgy heels with that look as well! And the chambray & sparkles is perfect too! You have definitely inspired me to be a bit more creative with a few dresses I have sitting in my closet!

  2. I absolutely love look #3! This dress is gorgeous :)


  3. First of all, I love the name of your blog!

    Second, these looks are stunning! In love with them all :)

    Great blog x

  4. This was such a great post! I love how you switched up the dress. Evening wear, or going out clothes for such photographed nights, are so hard to switch up sometimes. You did a great job, loved all the looks!

  5. Love your shoes in the first outfit! :)

  6. I love the second look, the skirt is so cute

  7. Such a beautiful dress I love how you have styled it both ways! The second way with the skirt is so cool and love the denim jacket!

    Have a great day,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  8. Lovely dress!! and the looks are perfect!!


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  9. Love your clothing and you style them so nicely (: not to mention the shoe you have really look great on you! x

  10. Love all of these looks, especially the first one! That skull necklace really gives the outfit a certain edginess. Very cool! <3

  11. I love how you styled it in so many different ways! I think it's such a shame that we only end up wearing pretty dresses once - such a great idea to dress it down and make it more wearable!<3


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