February According to Instagram

I'm back from my blogging break!

I think this is the longest I've every been away from my blog but I've been having a lovely time just reading and appreciating other blogs during my break. There wasn't a particular reason I stopped - I just wanted a break. The weather was incredibly nice during the time so I wanted to just enjoy it without thinking about outfits to showcase or posts to write up. It was definitely just what the doctor ordered.

That said, here is what February looked like according to Instagram:

February is obviously not a very long month. A few outfit posts made it onto Instagram again, and I got a new wallet from Rebecca Minkoff. Thanks to all the people who recommended it in this post about what goes in my work bag!
I also made some homemade pocky to send to my best friend in Iowa. She's currently working there for a year and I figured she could use some cheering up in the dreary weather. 
Lastly, the Nor'easter made its way to DC - the second picture is all the snow that came! That's actually a picture of the place I usually take outfit photos! Isn't that insane? I believe we got about two feet. I'm so done with winter.

Also, this is something I wanted to blog about but didn't get time to this month but... My blog turned a year old! On February 6, 2013 I decided to write a blog called "Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes," and proceeded to talk about exactly those things haha. I know a year isn't anything special but continue to be incredibly surprised and excited by how much this blog has grown since then. In the beginning, I was blogging to no one but myself but now I'm proud to be a part of this niche community of fashion, style, and beauty bloggers. Thank you so much for continuing to follow me on my personal style journey and reading all of my silly posts. 

Here's to another year!


  1. I've been wondering where you were! So glad you're back and I hope you enjoyed your break!! Love your new wallet, too!

  2. I noticed you hadn't been around lately and was wondering why. I know those breaks from blogging can just happen sometimes. I've done it!

    Congrats on your first year blogging. It's definitely crazy how much the time flies!

    Also, how are we not friends on Instagram?!?!? I'm going to follow you now!!

    xo Jackie

    Something About That

    1. Such a nerd, I'm following you on Insta, Twitter and Pinterest now :)

  3. wow, really nice pictures! i love your dresses here!
    happy monday to you.
    btw: follow you now, great blog! keep on the good work!
    Maren Anita

    FASHION-MEETS-ART by Maren Anita

  4. Beautiful pics!!
    Would you like to join my Giveaway??

  5. Love the photos!

  6. love the scarft and the leather jacket so much!


  7. I hope you enjoyed your little break! Sometimes we just need to relax! You always dress so chic and stylish! Lovely outfits!


  8. So glad to have you back! Loving your posts on insta so please keep them up! Sometimes we all need a little break. Cant wait for your next post lovely :)

    Have a lovely week,
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  9. congrats! and glad your back, totally looking forward to whats to come with your blog.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/

  10. Congrats on one year of your blog! February as gone by so fast-- sometimes a break is needed, but I'm glad you're back! This is probably a stupid question but, what are pocky sticks?? At first I thought they were pretzels but looking closer they're not :)

    1. http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pocky
      It's this delicious Asian snack (that I think is a bit overpriced). It's basically just breadsticks dipped in chocolate. I bought some toasted grissini and melted chocolate and decorated it with almonds and sprinkles

  11. Congratulations on hitting the one year mark :] I am heading over to follow you on Insta now!

    Marla @ A Weekend Crossing

  12. Happy blogiversary!! I love all of your photos :)


  13. Gorgeous colors!
    ~Ashleigh {Dazzle by Day}

  14. looks like a beautiful and colourful february - what's your instagram name again? i would love to follow you there, too.


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