Quirk It | Chambray Shirt and Leather Leggings

Marvelous Thursday, lovelies!

Something about the color palette of my outfit and my nail polish seems off but I kinda like it. I've been wearing this polish to DEATH - I got it in mid-January and I'm already halfway done with the bottle! It's just such an interesting color that is a gorgeous soft purple with taupe-ey undertones. The thing is, this polish is called "Warm and Toasty Turtleneck" and it really does evoke a warm and cozy sort of image. Therefore, seeing it paired with such a casual and edgy ensemble seems a bit... bizare in a way haha. I don't care, though - I like a bit of quirk in my outfits :]

What's your favorite nail polish to wear? 

Top: Forever 21 shirt, Forever 21 blazer
Bottoms: Forever 21 faux leather leggings
Accessories: LouLous pearl statement necklace, Essie's "Warm and Toasty Turtleneck," (Orly's matte topcoat), vintage Prada bag
Shoes: Michael Antonio pumps


  1. This looks like such a pretty nail polish color. Also love your outfit!

    Have a great day,

  2. Firstly, the title of this post is great. I love, love, love your outfit! So much classy bold style! I'm not much of a nail polish lover but when I do take the time to doll up my nails, I like light colors. Fashion Safari by NYC is my recent favorite, a pretty nude color. Happy Thursday!

  3. Actually love this shirt!! and its so cool with the blazer, you look great! So jealous of your lunch on instagram!

    Have a great day, lovely!

    Lucy xxx

  4. That is a really great outfit! I love the blue denim shirt underneath the white blazer! And that necklace is such a beautiful detail to the whole look! :)
    And I agree those nail polishes are really pretty! :)


  5. You look adorable! Love chambray with leather leggings- very cool combo.

    Right now I'm loving Zoya polish in Dot. It's the perfect creamy baby pink. :)


  6. aww what a cute polish name! my favorite thing about polishes are their clever names, haha. and this eather and chambray combo is fantastic, it seriously looks so good but yet elegant. Probably because of that pearl necklace I'm constantly swooning over :)

    xo marlen
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  7. Great combination, I need to wear my denim skirt like that, too!

  8. Hi dear Deborah, I wear mostly red or pink on my nails because other colors mostly are confusing me :) But I agree your fav at the moment is really a wonderful color and I should try this color, too! I love your look, it´s just perfect with the fauix leather pants, the denim shirt and the white blazer - I would like to wear this look exactly in the same way!

    Hope you had a great week so far <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


  9. This is so chic!I never would've thought to put a chambray shirt under a blazer, so cute! Will have to keep this in mind next time I need a cute look with my chambray.

    xo, H

  10. ooh love that nail color! i would use up that bottle up quickly too :) love the leather, denim combo! so chic :)


  11. There's nothing wrong with rewearing nail polish if you love the color! Great outfit!

  12. I love this look. It's so pulled together. Definitely has that perfect combination of chic and casual. :)

  13. Great outfit, I really like it. :) As I recently bought white blazer now I'm inspired to buy denim shirt to combine it with blazer because it looks great on you. :)


  14. I came across your blog and so in love it,
    so I'd be really glad if we could follow each other....
    what do you say??

  15. Hello dear, I find this combo adorable, you look even younger. You were daring matching a white elegant blazer to a denim shirt, and it worked magnificently!!
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  16. What a great outfit! Love the white blazer!


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