Closet Strategy: Skorts

I'm sure you all remember how excited I was to get these fabulous skorts from Zara last year. However I noticed that some people found them to be a style challenge, especially in the colder months. The thing is though, they're actually quite versatile especially in white. Here are some looks I came up with centered around my skorts:

Outfit 1: Monochromatic

I've seen these skorts worn in monochromatic outfits on other fashion blogs and it looked absolutely divine. I say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it! In this case, the monochromatic look works with these skorts so it's safe to say that's a look to try. I did, however, add a coral clutch to the outfit to give it a pop of color. I think this is a great look for happy hour with friends. 

Top: American Eagle top, Forever 21 blazer
Shoes: Michael Kors Caroline pumps

Outfit 2: Informal 

I wanted to dress the skorts down a bit with this look. While this piece is technically shorts, the look of the skirt in the front makes them look somewhat formal so I wanted to play that down with this loose-fitting dolman top. Paired with my Chucks, I'd say this is a great downtown look perfect for sightseeing.

Top: Forever 21 dolman top
Accessories: Forever 21satchel, Icing wayfarers, Forever 21studs
Shoes: Converse lo-tops

Outfit 3: In-betweener 

This look is for things in between formal and casual - perhaps a casual Friday or a girls night? I paired my skorts with this bright red top and added silver and nude toned accessories to the mix to keep the focus on the red. 

Top: Forever 21 sweater
Accessories: Nine West bag, Coach scarf, Vintage pearl studs
Shoes: Chinese Laundry wedges

What do you guys think? Would you give skorts a try?


  1. amazing pairings!:) love the first outfit, it's so chic!♥

  2. Great pairings! I love all the different styles. The last one must be my favorite. This could be worn to so many different occasions and I love the bright red top.

  3. I adore these skorts! I was just looking for some in different colors and patterns for summer/spring! F21 & asos had a few similar ones to the skort :)

  4. I love every matching but I think in-betweener is my favourite! I don't own a skort but whenever I see you wearing one I am so jealous of it because they look amazing on you!! x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter

  5. I love all of the looks! I had to wear a plaid skort throughout highschool, and I haven't worn one since! haha :)


  6. I agree with you, those skorts are really versatile. That total white look is amazing!:D

  7. So cute post, it is inspiring!
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  8. i love all the different ways you styled it! I agree, it's such a dynamic piece and you can definitely rock it in multiple ways!



    IG: @christeeney

  9. i like the first look most! for me, skorts is a comfier alternative to shorts as they are roomier! lol. i wear them a lot :)


  10. I have that skirt too, how versatile is it?! Couldn't pick a fave, they are all beautiful - love the stripy top and the orange jumper combos! It's nice to be back looking at your blog!

    elisse x

  11. Deborah you look stylish and beautiful in every single picture!! The challenge is not about wearing skorts, but about having such great legs!!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  12. Here I definitely prefer the last look, I like the shoes a lot :)

  13. Your are definitely rocking all three looks! I guess my favorite has to be the look nr.1, it looks so fresh and crisp! Actually I am a big fan of all white outfits, which is weird as I haven't done any all white outfits myself! :D
    And skorts are such a cool piece of clothing, I have to buy a pair for this summer!

  14. I completely forgot about my skort and feel bad since it was pretty expensive... thanks for the reminder ;) I love the monochromatic look, it's somewhere in between casual enough to wear day to day, yet dressy :)


  15. I really want a skort like that! So simple and chic! And you're rocking it; I especially love the first outfit as it looks so fresh for Spring. Looking great as per Deborah!

    Kathryn |

  16. Yep, the skort is super versatile! I have the one from Zara and it has not failed me yet =) Love these looks!

    - Che

  17. Love those ways to style the skort! I haven't got one yet maybe I should!!! <3
    xx, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  18. Wow definitely a skirt worth having huh? Great post and blog keep it up ♥

    Lou of, ♥♥

  19. Love this envelope skort! White is such a great choice for spring!!


  20. I also think this piece is really easy to combine :) And it is a fun piece!! Even though I love how it looks on you and other bloggers,I never trusted my legs enough to buy them hehehe :) I adore the first look so much because its more like my style hehe
    Style Of OzOz
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  21. i love that skirt! wish i could pull it off!!! but i think my legs are too chunky haha!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  22. I love how you styled it with the coral top! You showed some great options for it!

  23. you knocked this skort out of the park! i love how each outfit has a completely different feel to it; there's a little bit of inspiration for everyone! i really like the casual one with the stripes- that's definitely something i'd wear :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  24. I loved seeing how you styled the skort in different ways. Love that last look. The top is a pretty color!

  25. Wow, you look amazing, every look styled perfectly and the skort is perfect. Just catching up on your posts, hope your all well and having a great weekend. You look gorgeous and so chic, my favourite look is the all white first look - so simple yet so so effective and eye catching!

    Have a lovely day :)
    Lucy xxx
    Florals & Corals

  26. i love your closet strategy posts :) very interesting how the same pair of skorts can look totally different. i love no. 1 and 3!


  27. Oh very cute skirt sweetie!

  28. Hi Deborah, you did a great job! I love all your skorts outfits and my favourite is the white-in-white-look :) I own also a pair of skorts but I have to admit that I wore them only in maximum twice :) But after this post I think I should change my habit!

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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