Eager to Please | Peplum Top and Polka Dot Pants

Lovely Wednesday!

I was recently charged with the task of training a new intern that just started with us last week. It's a bit of an awkward situation, to be honest. The guy is actually five years older than me and I'm technically his "boss." I've never really been in charge of anyone older than me and I feel a bit weird telling him what to do but he seems perfectly happy to follow directions. That's where I got the title of my post from - he's very eager to please. I've definitely seen interns who were difficult to work with (luckily I never had to deal with them) so I'm quite glad we got such an agreeable person on our staff - even if he's older than me haha. 

What are some of your interns/internship experiences?

Top: Gap shirt, H&M top
Bottoms: Forever 21 jeans
Accessories: Lefties belt, Dooney and Bourke bag
Shoes: Michael Kors Caroline pumps


  1. I love the peplum top, and the jeans look really cute with the polka dots! Being the boss of someone older does sound a bit awkward but it's good that he isn't stuck up!

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  2. Okay, yes, I get what you're saying about an older intern. But hey, the work place is very diverse nowadays, and people change their careers more often.

    Cute, cute jeans! Love the polka dots.

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  3. I don't see any problem in you being older than your intern :)
    You look really cute Deborah! Those polka dot jeans are so pretty!


  4. I once had the same situation in my job where I was in charge of an intern who was older than me. It can be a little awkward at the beginning but it's most important it's not someone who is difficult to work with. You outfit is lovely. I love the Michael Kors shoes.


  5. Your top is really cute. Love the jeans too.
    Oh, what can I say about interns: I've always tried to make them feel welcome. It's hard to feel comfortable at a new workplace and most people are too stressed out because of this. That's probably why they act so strange :)


  6. Lol, that does sound awkward! But at least he seems to be taking it well :) Cute mix of patterns and textures!


  7. Pretty peplum top!


  8. You look super cute! Love it. Following you on Instagram now. :)


  9. the peplum top is so elegant!♥ amazing look!:)


  10. I love this outfit! Peplum tops always look so cute. And I NEED those jeans!


  11. This is such a cute look! I just love the way you layered the peplum top, making it perfect for a cooler day! Those polka dot pants are super cute, I can really see them going with pretty much anything you pair with them! It is weird at work when you have to train someone, I am currently training a lady who is more then 20 years older than me too.


  12. Great idea to layer the peplum top! I got a couple at a Banana Republic sale a couple weeks back (as if I could say no to half price), but it's too cold to wear them alone. I may give this idea a go.

    Also, I'd feel weird about being someone's Boss in general, older or not! I'm sure it's a great experience for you :)

    xo Jackie
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  13. Your peplum top is fantastic, I love how you always wear super feminine and cute clothes!

    Arianna, Nymphashion ♡

  14. Oooh, that's exciting that you basically have your own intern! That's funny he's 5 years older than you, but I'm glad he's eager to please and learn! Love the peplum top and how you added a long sleeve tee underneath. Such a great idea when it's chilly out! The polka dot jeans are so fun and cute too : )


  15. Lovin' the peplum top!

  16. you look so cute Deb and I love how you styled this outfit. I feel awkward sometimes too that I am training an older person than me.


  17. omg i have fallen in love with this pair of jeans!!! <3 <3 <3
    very cute look, i love it :)


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