Playsuit | Floral Romper and Cobalt Heels

Happy Monday lovelies!

Like the crop top, the romper was just something I never thought I would ever try. It just seemed so childish, not to mention inconvenient when nature calls. Besides, rompers are for tall and super skinny girls with perfect bodies, right?
Well I guess I should never say never because I got myself a romper. To be fair when I saw this in the store I thought it was a dress because it was kind of long (for a romper anyway) and very airy. I think that's the trick for people who are still reluctant to try rompers - find one that looks more like a dress. These are super comfortable and I quite love the way it looks! 

What are some trends you're on the fence about?

Romper: Forever 21
Accessories: Forever 21 belt (came with the romper), vintage necklace (similar by Forever 21),  Bershka bag (also cute by Betsy Johnson)
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. saw the look ani IG and say WOW! love the jumpsuit, you rock it!

  2. It's funny how you say that you thought that rompers only fit tall girl as I am petite too and I thought the same thing. Forever 21 was the only place that rompers fit me and I see that is where yours is from! :) It looks fabulous on you and I just adore those beautiful blue shoes!


  3. Love the bright shoes to match the playsuit. I always feel like the US has better Forever 21 stuff than the UK haha.

  4. Gorgeous the whole outfit! That playsuit is simply amazing! =D
    Please, check out my blog!


  5. Hey beautiful. I don't know why you never tried it before. I was skeptical first because I can't find the one that works for my body(all were long) but finally I found some that did and I kept it. You look so fabulous in this romper and I love love your choice of footwear. It almost looks like the JS one's I got but in black. Now you make me think of getting the cobalt blue too. This is one of my favs from you.


  6. You look great :)

    The trend I'm on the fence about is the jumpsuit. Really not sure if I can pull it off with my figure because I'm so slim, basically straight up and down! I think with some trends having a slightly more curvy figure helps.

    Yazmin xx

  7. Adorable! Love that romper!

  8. Yes, I thought it was a dres first. I love rompers, are one of my must have for summer. And yours is so cute!! I totally love how you wore it with blue heels.

  9. Lovely outfit hun! As I said on Insta, you look amazing! How could you not think you could pull one of these off?! I think they suit you :) x
    Freya's Fashion Chapter | Topshop & Asos Haul

  10. Cute! I am loving the romper trend this summer!

  11. Love the shoes you paired with this look!!

  12. This has to be the cutest romper ever Deborah! You look so adorable!! Cu-ute!! Lol!

    xo, Kenya

  13. I love playsuits and you styled this one so well!<3

  14. This is such a gorgeous outfit!!
    Jess from xx

  15. I fricking love playsuits (or rompers) because you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone, although it can be a bit of a pain when you have to go to the bathroom... But I absolutely LOVE this outfit on you, especially the gorgeous shoes!

    Yige || Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  16. LOL,it is inconvenient when nature calls, haha.. but seriously, you look gorgeous in it!! Look at those legs!! *-* Love the pattern on yours! :) they're definitely comfy!! X

    Have a great day, Deborah!!
    Chic Nikkie

  17. Your blog is such a happy place. I am hooked :) I will follow you and it would make me very happy if you follow back.

    <3 <3 <3

    Mahshid مهشید

  18. i love that floral romper on you. it looks cute but also sexy in addition to the heels.


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