Summer 2014 Reading List

Wonderful Wednesday my dears!

I was going to do an outfit post today but it's been raining a lot this week and that messed up my posting schedule a bit so I'm going to talk about my reading list instead. I think I come up with a reading list every summer and I fill it up with more books than I can actually read. It's sad, really, because back when I had school, I had so much time to read so I would always get every book on my reading list out of the way. Now, with work filling up so much of my time, I find it harder to get a moment to myself to just escape into a book. Still, it doesn't stop me from coming up with a list of books to read!

Here is my Summer '14 Reading List:
  1. Assholes - A Theory: I'm currently reading this right now so I think I'll definitely be able to cross this off my list this week! It's been incredibly interesting so far; the author is a philosophy professor who goes on to systematically explain "assholes" and why they irk us. It read sort of like a dissertation but it's been quite fascinating to read. I will do a book review on this book this month!
  2. A Picture of Dorian Gray: This is one of those books that was never assigned for me to read in school and I never had time to check it out, even though it's such a classic. I've heard such wonderful things about it and Oscar Wilde is one of my favorite authors so I'm going to make time for Dorian Gray this summer
  3. Persepolis: This is a comic but I have been interested in the Islamic Revolution in Iran lately. I'm quite excited to start this!
  4. America Again - Re-Becoming the Greatness We Never Weren't: When Stephen Colbert first came out with this book I bought it at my local bookstore immediately... and never had time to read it. It's been sitting on my bookshelf just collecting dust while I guiltily avoid looking at my bookshelf... haha
  5. Song of Ice and Fire - Clash of Kings: I read half of this book last summer and haven't picked it up when things got super busy at work. Definitely a must-finish!
  6. About a Boy: I recently watched the movie version of this book starring Hugh Grant, and got into the TV series starring David Walton. I think I need to read this book because the live-action versions of them have been so cute. Plus, Nick Hornby is a great writer.
  7. The Fault in our Stars: I know, I know, everyone and their mothers have read this book and cried over it. I just never had time... and also the fact that this book is categorized as for Young Adults made me a bit biased (I'm in my mid-20's so I feel a bit weird reading about teenagers and stuff...). I'm going to read it and see what the fuss is about. 
I think this is all I'll have time to read this summer. Do you guys have any recommendations for me? I would love to hear about the books you guys are really into. Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I have a pretty extensive Goodreads reading list - check out my profile if you would like some ideas on what to read. I always rate the books! 


  1. Im reading the fault in our stars ive got a few chapters left !
    Simply Sutter

  2. Work really kept me away from my reading too :( That makes me really sad!

    And I've been wanting to check out "The Fault in our Stars" :D Maybe when I'm on vacation :p

  3. You have such a great list of different books! I can't wait for the review on the one you're reading now & I've been on the fence about About A Boy-- I haven't seen the movie yet-- and I didn't realize there was a TV series based on it too?!

  4. The Fault In Our Stars is quite good, I'm almost finished with it now and I've enjoyed it so far. No tears yet but I'll see what I'm like by the end!

  5. A Picture of Dorian Gray, ahhh I read that book a while ago and it's good! and a fault in our stars yeah I guess the movie is coming out soon everyone is reading it.

  6. Omg I didn't know anyone else wanted to read Persepolis! It's definitely on my list. And The Fault in Our Stars too haha better late than never I guess!

  7. Great list!! I read Persepolis when it came out and I loved it :)

    Style and Paper

  8. I totally have some of the same books on my summer list. Even though I'm behind on watching GoT, I'm even more behind on reading the books. The first three have been sitting on my bookshelf for about a year and a half lol. Oh and I can't believe I haven't read Colbert's book yet! Hope the weather gets better for you soon :)


  9. I bought The Fault in Our Stars last Summer, but I haven't read it yet! Definitely going to read it this Summer :)


  10. Never successfully read Dorian Gray as well! - One of my deepest darkest #booksecret ;)

  11. I've only read A picture of Dorian Gray among the books you mentioned. I'd love to read nr 1. You know that one of my readers left a comment of the kind "never seen a blogger with a book in her hands before"? Speaking of assholes! Looking forward to your review, and thank you for your insightful comments on my looks, I appreciate your opinion :-)
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  12. These all sound entertaining and great! I'll have to check them out next time I'm at the bookstore.

  13. Oh very interesting list well dear The Faul in Our Stars well I cried a lot of but I love it the book!

  14. This is such a great list! I think I will find it quite useful when I'll finally be on a vacation- sunbathing in my summerhouse! There isn't anything better for me than just sunbathing in my garden either listening to the music or reading books! :)
    I definitely need to start reading Games of Thrones as those book series are the best ones there are- though, sometimes it is very challenging to read them as there are so, so many characters!

  15. Oh my, that first book piqued my interest! Hahahaha...Fault in our stars, yes, maybe. If I would recommend you any book now it would be Gone Girl (great read) and Red Rising (though this second one I'm still in the process of finding =)

    - Che

  16. I did NOT like The Fault In Our Stars. I'm 23 years old and I just found it incredibly childish, probably because I couldn't relate to the teenage protagonist. And also, I LOVE reading books, and "The Fault" just wasn't THAT well-written at all. It was average at best. That's why all the fuss about it really annoyed me haha.

    On another note, I haven't read Dorian Gray either, and it was never assigned to us back in high school (we read The Crucible and Beowulf instead). I've seen the movie, though, and it was great, so I think I'll pick up a copy of the book this weekend :)

    Happy reading!

  17. About a boy is a good read - the movie didn't recreate it exactly so I enjoyed reading it :) Saw the movie first though.

    Hope you get the time to make it through your reading list :)

    Away From The Blue


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